Alan Faz

Alan Faz


Vice Chair of the ASI Board of Directors

Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering

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Branch: Board of Directors

Alan is an aerospace engineering graduate student with a B.S. in aerospace engineering and a B.A. in Spanish. He was born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, and was raised in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Alan is the first member of his family to attend a university. As a student, Alan has been involved in many advocacy efforts to support underserved students. He played a critical role in the creation of a Dream Center for undocumented students. Additionally, he was a resident advisor for University Housing as well as the president of Rising Immigrant Scholars through Education. He also volunteers to promote higher education to underserved students in Santa Maria, California through the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. Prior to this role, he served as the chair of the ASI Diversity and Inclusion Committee which advocates for inclusive policies within ASI and campus as a whole. This advocacy included the creation of an Emergent Response Protocol for campus events as well as the implementation of gender-inclusive pronouns across the organization. Alan is honored to serve as the vice chair of the ASI Board of Directors and continue his work to ensure all students have an equal opportunity to explore their potential. Alan also serves as the chair of the ASI Business and Finance Committee.

Committees: Cal Poly Opportunity Fee Committee, Campus Advisory Council, Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee (SSFAAC), Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee, ASI Business & Finance Committee