Candidate Statements

2020-21 Student Government Elections

Candidate statements are an opportunity for candidates to share a brief history about themselves and why they believe they are the best candidate for the position they are running for.

Candidate statements are limited to 150 words. If statements over 150 words were submitted, they have been truncated.Candidates are listed by position, in alphabetical order.

Position: ASI President

ASI President – 1 seat

College of Liberal Arts

ਮਨਮੀਤ Manmit Singh Chahal (Manu) - he/him

Radical love. My platform to make our university more loving towards all, especially those who historically have been deemed unworthy of it. Radical love. Dreaming a university that could be, should be, can be in which we all collectively live in an anti-oppressive, liberated community. Satsriakal, my name is Manmit (he/him) and I am running alongside the Coalition of Love with a vision. On a dream to co-create a revolution of love. As Dr. King said, love is not passive. It is all about action. And in my two years here, I have done my best to put love into action, through co-creating and co-leading various spaces, clubs, committees, and conferences, including MustangsUNITED, SOCS, and PSAC. I am ਮਨਮੀਤ. I am the 1st generation child of immigrants. I am POC and Proud. I am a part of a long hxstory and legacy of resistance. I am. We are. Radical love.

Orfalea College of Business

Dennis Fiorentinos

My name is Dennis Fiorentinos and I am seeking your vote for ASI President. Coming out of high school, I was drawn to Cal Poly because of the great campus environment, but I knew there was room for improvement. If I were elected ASI President, my most used phrase would be, “I want your feedback”. As an elected official, it would be my duty to carry out the will of those who elected me. This is impossible if I do not know what my peers want. By collecting feedback from students on what is working on this campus and what is not, I will be able to work towards my end goal; fostering a community rich with diversity and tolerance for others so that everyone feels like they have a place on this campus to be themselves.

College of Liberal Arts

Shayna Lynch - she/her/hers

Serving in ASI Student Government for three years, I’ve fought continuously for all students. As the current ASI Chief of Staff I’ve overseen initiatives including Flex Your Right Voter Registration, Campus Dining Open Forum, and the Brown Issues Pop-Up. I led the charge for the Board of Directors to formally support Domestic Violence Awareness Month. When I served as the ASI Secretary of Health and Wellbeing, I led Buck the Stigma Mental Health Awareness Week and It’s On Us Sexual Assault Prevention Week. I will take my experience working closely with this year’s president and apply it to continue advocating for a better college experience for all students. My platform concentrates on four key issue areas: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Health and Wellbeing; Empowering the Student Voice and Sustainability. Let’s all focus on creating a better Cal Poly by Charging Forward Together.

Position: Board of Directors

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences – 4 seats

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Megan Abeyta

I am a third-year transfer student from San Diego majoring in Forestry and Natural Resources. I’ve enjoyed participating in student government for years and used my leadership skills to run club events. I want to use my enthusiasm and determination to encourage other students to get the most out of their time at Cal Poly. I am hoping to continue my involvement in student government and give some representation to other students who took a similar path in transferring from another school.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Hayley Fernandes

Rooted in agriculture, I am a second-year Dairy science major, and Law & Society minor, with future plans to represent the field of agriculture in politics. By serving on the Board of Directors I will seek to provide a louder voice for agriculture and be that voice for students of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences, by communicating their interests to Cal Poly Administration. I have a proven track record of leadership and advocacy in agriculture, from my involvement in the Los Lecheros Dairy Club, the FFA organization, and the California Milk Advisory Board. I will advocate on behalf of the expansion of agricultural facilities, student opportunities, and transportation issues. Just as I hope to bridge the gap between agricultural producers and consumers, I plan to bridge the gap between the 3,900 students of the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences with the Cal Poly administration.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Armando Nevarez

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. Within guiding values revolved around understanding, support, and guidance, I truly care for the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences and Cal Poly. I desire to continue serving on the ASI Board of Directors so I may commit my strengths and virtues to bettering the institution that has given my colleagues and me opportunities to enhance ourselves. I have grown to understand the student body, so I want to continue supporting the many endeavors of my peers, and guide them to their success by promoting and creating programs meant to improve our college experience mentally, socially, and physically. My extensive service to CAFES as an ambassador, open house sub-committee chair, State Finals Master of Ceremonies, and Alpha Gamma Rho brother demonstrates I care, and I want to represent the college at the university level.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Sujhey Rosas - she/hers

Si Se Puede! Yes We Can! Together, United, all of us can make a difference. My name is Sujhey Rosas (she/hers) and I am running alongside the Coalition of Love with a vision. My platform is to unite every, single, person on this campus, and together fight for a change! I am a proud first generation Latina and I think, no I BELIEVE, that the university we ALL deserve is one in which we are all comfortable within the environment. As Malala Yousafzai said “I speak not for myself but for those without voice.. those who have fought for their rights.. their right to live in peace, their right to be treated with dignity, their right to equality of opportunity, their right to be educated.” We, the Coalition of Love with a vision, are here to fight for your rights, and together SI SE PUEDE! YES WE CAN!!

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Samantha Santos

My name is Samantha Santos, I am a second year Agricultural Communications student in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences. I take part in a variety of clubs and organizations such as CAFES Ambassadors, Crops Club, Department of Agricultural Education and Communication Student Advisory Committee, working at the Strawberry Center, and even ASI experience on the Executive Cabinet as the Secretary of Leadership Development. Through past leadership opportunities on and off campus, I have developed a sincere passion for serving other students. I constantly find myself implementing the “Students for Students” ASI motto through servant leadership. If elected as the CAFES representative for Board of Director, I plan to serve selflessly as I listen and learn about students’ needs to maximize their experience here at Cal Poly.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Adriana Villicana - she/her/hers

My name is Adriana Villicana (She/Her/Hers) and I am a nutrition major, Latinx student and part of CAFES. Being a first year is scary as it is, but never have I felt this terrified about my ethnicity nor underrepresentation here. There is so much work to be put in for those who are underrepresented on campus and we should push to work harder to support these students who come from different races, ethnicities, disabilities, sexualities, genders and more. It is more important to let college students thrive in college rather than force them to choose a single path and suffer. I am proud to be a part of the 2020-21 Coalition of Love and a huge supporter of Radical Love, which for me means that love is used to support one another, and show hope, humanity, and compassion for all.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design – 3 seats

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Alexander Ameri

I will push for giving students from all backgrounds the voice they deserve in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. This will be insured through a constant exchange of information and feedback between students and myself. I plan to promote support for people of minority groups, particularly those with little economic security, so that everybody feels that they have equal access to the great opportunities Cal Poly provides. No student should feel limited in pursuing their dreams by the confines of their bank account. Finally, I want to prioritize interdisciplinary projects as an instrument for learning just how truly interconnected our majors are. Since such a unique opportunity exists in our college, more must be done to capitalize on making these important connections to create a more integrated and inclusive program across all majors.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Diana Fierro Gonzalez

Radical Love. Love is not passive. It is about action. My name is Diana Fierro Gonzalez, pronouns (she, her, hers) and I am proud to be part of the 2020-21Coalition of Love running for CAED. I am from Tampico, Mexico and currently, a first-year architecture major focused on changing the atmosphere towards inclusivity in our college. Coming into this program as an out of state student, with a different academic and cultural background as my peers, has given me insight on how we can improve and smooth integration for all. It is important to me that each individual at CAED feels respected and supported by their faculty and peers throughout their time here, whether that be academically or emotionally. Love and acceptance of everyone’s different learning abilities are key, especially in our field of study.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Mitchell Wexler

Hello, CAED! My name is Mitchell Wexler, I am a third-year City and Regional Planning major, and I am running to be your next ASI Board of Directors Representative. Being a City/Regional Planning major, I would like to focus on the biggest issues regarding the state of on-campus infrastructure, as well as equity issues within our colleges. What I’ve seen in terms of infrastructure is one that is inconsistent in terms of meeting the needs of students, be it wifi or walkways. I would work to ensure that we complete our bicycle network to make our walkways safer. Given the expenses of being a student at Cal Poly, I would like to put forth measures that make it cheaper to come to Cal Poly. This includes working with professors to get as many required readings online or in the library as possible. Thank you for your time.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design

Hannah Yaron

Hello! I’m Hannah Yaron. I’m a second year architecture major who is currently living on campus. If elected to the ASI Board of Directors, I want to push to make our campus more accessible by bus. This would mean having more bus stops on campus and making traveling around SLO on the weekends easier. The ultimate goal would be to make exploring SLO and the surrounding area safer and helping Cal Poly transition to be less reliant on cars.

College of Engineering – 5 seats

College of Engineering

Ricky Chavez

I’m a first year transfer student under the Aerospace Engineering program with experience in community leadership. My hometown is Lompoc California, a small city in Santa Barbara county, where I attended Lompoc High School and the local community college. My future aspirations include earning my private pilot’s license and eventually becoming a flight test engineer. Some of my campus involvement includes organizations such as the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Engineering Possibilities in College, and the ASI Executive Staff. Further, I’m a good fit for the board of directors and a representative of the college of engineering because of the following reasons: I have community leadership in learn by doing advocacy through lab instruction of aspiring college students, I have a passion for helping underrepresented people, and I hope to make a positive impact on my college and our local community.

College of Engineering

Kanoa Chun

My name is Kanoa Chun. I am a Mechanical Engineering Freshman running for the ASI Board. I believe in the learn by doing philosophy, valuing distinct points of view and I take a lot of pride in the Mustang Way. Since receiving my acceptance email, I’ve been a proud informal representative and now I want to spread my enthusiasm to the rest of the student body officially. As your ASI Board Representative, I would encourage bringing more events and opportunities to campus, both social and professional, to improve student involvement, school pride and bring a heightened sense of responsibility. Cal Poly is a diverse school, and as a result, everyone has their own thoughts on how to improve our collective college experience. I am open to all suggestions. By working together, I intend to give each student a voice as we determine what it really means to be a Mustang.

College of Engineering

Alan Faz

I am a graduate aerospace engineering student running for re-election for CENG. My first year in ASI, I had the opportunity to Chair the ASI Diversity and Inclusion Committee which advocated for more inclusive policies in the organization, more support for our most marginalized groups on campus. This year, I had the opportunity to serve as the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors. In this role, I’ve been able to speak up about issues in the structure of the organization which hardly serves those most marginalized. I’ve spoken up about issues which affect many regarding election accessibility as well as advocating for funding for underfunded centers. I want to continue this work because it matters. It matters to those who are not on the same playing field as everyone else. It matters because sometimes we all need to give up a bit, so everyone has a chance at succeeding.

College of Engineering

Evan Engler

I decided to run for the ASI Board of Directors because I know I will be able to provide real, meaningful changes to this school. I want to support as many students as I can through their academic endeavors and, in doing so, make this campus a welcoming environment for all. Additionally, my eagerness to make a change at such an early time in my college career truly demonstrates the effort and time I am willing to put into this position. I hope you find me a worthy candidate for this position, and as someone who is willing to work hard for every student on this campus.

College of Engineering

Suha Hussain

Dear Mustangs, we are united, but disconnected. We each bring our unique experiences to Cal Poly, but fail to collectively learn from them due to existing communication barriers between us. As a member of the ASI Board of Directors, I will strive to strengthen the relationships and understandings within our student body while addressing the issues faced by underrepresented students. I believe my experiences in past leadership positions, and most importantly, my desire to create positive changes have prepared me for the duties I will face. As an advocate of kindness, perseverance, respect, and integrity, I will aspire to work on policies and procedures that will encourage a more conscientious campus–socially, emotionally, and environmentally. As students, we can generate changes that we desire for our campus, and by extension, the world. Please grant me, Suha, the opportunity to advocate on your behalf, because you matter.

College of Engineering

Tess Loarie - she/her/hers

Hey all! My name’s Tess, I’m a second-year industrial engineering major, and current ASI Board member running for reelection. In the past year I’ve served on board, I’m thrilled to be able to report tangible change. Since the start of the year, I’ve worked with organizations across campus to bolster our pre-existing Basic Needs programs (to expand support for food and housing insecurity), support students with dependents on our campus by passing a resolution to modify our class attendance policy, and build coalition across campus by organizing Volunteer Day with the Center for Service and Action. I ran for board last year because I care deeply about the experience of each student on this campus, and since then, that sentiment has only been amplified. I’m always willing to work alongside all students to create strategic, systematic change aligned with our vision of a better Cal Poly.

College of Engineering

Kathlyn Lorenzo - she/her/hers

Radical Love. Creating a healthy environment for everyone of all backgrounds to thrive and be successful; where people feel loved, valued, and heard. Coming to Cal Poly, I experienced a huge culture shock. I never realized that not seeing people that looked like me would have a huge impact, but it does! Fortunately, I am finding my sense of community through the Multicultural Center and cultural organizations. I would definitely contribute my success and happiness to them. Being a women of color within the college of engineering is a struggle because at times, I find it difficult to reach out for help from my peers and from the professors because of who I am. I hope to create more opportunities that are easily accessible to those who need the resources that may not have a privileged background. I intend on running for Board of Directors under the College of Engineering.

College of Engineering

Jordan Perlas - she/hers/her

Radical Love. To me, it is doing everything in my power for the people that I love. It’s constantly showing them that they are loved, making sure that their hard work and growth doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s going out of my way to make people smile and making people feel welcome and safe amongst all races, ethnicities, sexualities, beliefs, etc. I believe in the true power of lifting others and how acts of love and kindness can improve our quality of life. Hello, my name is Jordan Perlas (she/her/hers) and I am a part of the 2020-21 Coalition of Love running for CENG. I am a second-year, electrical engineering, Filipino student, and as previously stated in my #IAmCalPoly photo, I am here to elevate others. After working with Cross-Cultural Experience, I believe that we as a student body can do more to support students of underrepresented minority backgrounds.

College of Liberal Arts – 4 seats

College of Liberal Arts

Gabe Arditti

Hello my fellow Mustangs! My name is Gabe Arditti, I’ll be starting my fourth year this fall. I’m ecstatic to be running for CLA Board of Directors; I’m an outspoken person with a background in leadership, and would love the opportunity to work for you. I’ve had a diverse academic journey beginning as an architectural engineering major, and during my second year, changing my major to journalism in order to pursue my passion as a sports broadcaster. My platform: to be a man of the people. I will find solutions to things that you view as problems, work hard to make the changes that you want, and bring a positive outlook to negative situations. My goals include maximizing voter registration among Cal Poly students, advocating for more student diversity, and increasing our student body’s school spirit. I want to work for you, to help you become successful. THANK YOU!

College of Liberal Arts

Lauren Buckley

My name is Lauren Buckley, I’m a Communication Studies major and a campaign worker in our local San Luis Obispo political sphere. As someone with political experience and an extensive history of activism, I aspire to elevate student voices to a place where they have a profound impact on our campus. Too often the voices of those enrolled at Cal Poly are overlooked and undervalued when crucial decisions are brought to the table. With issues like on-campus housing, parking, and registration, the will of those affected tends to be an afterthought. As your future CLA ASI Board Member, I will fight to amplify the voices of those left out of the conversation. When the interests of the majority are sought out and implemented, we can do what’s best for our university as a whole.

College of Liberal Arts

Nicki Butler

My name is Nicki Butler and I am running to serve again on the ASI Board of Directors. I spend a lot of time on campus as a Chi Omega, creating in the Craft Center, participating in the theatre department, serving as Vice President of the Cal Poly Student California Teacher’s Association, and serving as a board member on Cal Poly’s Board of Directors. This past year within Student Government I served on multiple committees including Chairing the ASI Club Funding Ad Hoc Committee. Being a member of student government has been extremely rewarding and I know that if elected again I can continue making positive change and advocating for proactive diversity and inclusion initiatives, better mental health and wellness support systems, and transparent sustainability practices. Most importantly, I will work so that every student at Cal Poly feels a sense of belonging and empowerment throughout their time here.

College of Liberal Arts

Andrew Kim

Being raised in many parts of the world, I had the opportunity to experience many different lifestyles that embodied various social issues, such as economic inequality, social equity, and political disparity that are constantly being discussed today. With such insights, I will focus on issues of food insecurity and homelessness for low-income students: issues that are prevalent regardless of a person’s race, ethnicity, or gender. I am currently involved in a variety of cultural and religious organizations, serving as one of the Organization Representatives for the Korean American Student Association in the Polycultural Weekend. I’ve also had opportunities to be one of the voices on campus and participate in the resolution writing regarding food insecurity among Cal Poly students. As a Board of Directors, I would expand upon this resolution, raising more awareness of insecure students and improving communication between the students and resources that are not being utilized efficiently.

College of Liberal Arts

Brian Kragh

I am running on a platform of improving campus climate by increasing accessibility to resources, working to make Cal Poly a more diverse and inclusive environment, and improving sustainability. As a current member of the ASI Board of Directors, I served on numerous committees to improve the quality of life and education for students. I helped advocate for funding for organizations that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, served on the search committee for Director on Campus Dining, and spoke at a SLO City Council meeting to advocate for a bike-sharing program on campus. If I am re-elected, I will continue my work to advocate for all students for a variety of issues and help make our campus a better place. If you have any questions for me, my phone number is (805) 434-8834 and my email is

College of Liberal Arts

Kelly Mok - she/her/hers

Radical Love. I, Kelly Mok (she/her),want to run with Coalition of Love to be a part of ASI Board of Directors because I want to use my privilege and understanding to see how I can help students at Cal Poly, especially those who feel alone or isolated or out of place. After listening in at the Teach-Ins, I learned how much room there was for improvement and change not just for the world, but for the community. But the community doesn’t change on its own and as the world develops and new injustices are brought to light, I want to be a part of that change and to help make the world a better place. As cheesy as that sounds, I think it’s possible and change begins with any and every person.

College of Liberal Arts

Neila Consuelo Patino - she/her/hers

Radical Love. A love that refuses the current moment’s framing of us vs them and its attendant willingness to dehumanize and delegitimize those with whom we disagree. An act of resistance to the dividing forces of bigotry, inequality, and oppression. In this instance, love is not simply a personal, individualistic act, but rather a social force that calls for change through the creation of belonging, empowerment, and institutional structures. Hi, my name is Neila Patino, my pronouns are she/her/hers, I am a first-generation student double majoring in Political Science and Ethnic Studies. While at Cal Poly, I’ve worked closely with my peers to help students find a sense of belonging and empowerment on this campus through clubs and events such as; MEXA, XYC, SOCS, PolyCultural Weekend, Inter-Multicultural Council, etc. Love is not merely a feeling but a practice–it is a way we should all choose to act.

College of Liberal Arts

Jordy Roth

HELLO MUSTANGS! My name is Jordy Roth, and I am an incoming 4th Year Political Science major. I am excited to be running to serve on the CLA Board of Directors! My platform lies in one word: opportunity. I want to focus in on what makes Cal Poly great: the students. Some specific goals I have include promoting more food inclusivity on campus for students that may face dietary restrictions, advocating voter registration in time for the 2020 election, and working with on-campus faculty to advocate for more activities that promote student mental health. Additionally, I would like to expand more opportunities within CLA. Specifically, I want to push more resolutions involving career preparedness and make an effort to supply post-graduate readiness programs. Overall, I am ready to get to work. I want to serve YOU and provide opportunities for students to succeed. Thank you!

College of Liberal Arts

Parker Swanson

In my three years at Cal Poly, it has become abundantly clear that the College of Liberal Arts has much work to do to ensure its students are seen as just as equal and valuable as students in other colleges. My campaign platform primarily revolves around three Rs: Reputation, Resources, and Representation. I plan to increase the reputation of CLA at Cal Poly by highlighting achievements from our current students and alumni in their careers and the community. I will introduce resolutions that will provide additional resources, such as technology and subsidized trips, that will vastly improve the quality of education for CLA students. Finally, as your CLA representative I will passionately fight to ensure that the issues and areas of improvements expressed by students are not only brought to attention, but dealt with by the university community as a whole. Vote for real change, vote for Parker Swanson!

College of Liberal Arts

Amanda Tejeda - she/her

Radical love. I came into Cal Poly fall 2019, same as most of you, with the hopes of making the best of our home away from home and thrive with the Learn by Doing philosophy. I quickly noticed that it is easier for certain groups to truly be able to say that they were successful in their goals and as a member of the group that has struggled to find their place here and truly benefit from the ideologies of this campus, my name is Amanda (she/her) and by running with Coalition of Love, I hope to help foster an environment in which students of all ethnicities, genders, backgrounds, and more can proudly call Cal Poly their home and ensure that the College of Liberal Arts is not excluded from this Learn by Doing philosophy because one cannot be liberated from an exclusionary system until we all are.

College of Science and Mathematics – 4 seats

College of Science and Mathematics

Michelle Deyski

As a biology major, I’ve learned to appreciate the diverse sides of our college–the mathematicians, the statisticians, the chemists, and the near-dozen of departments in COSAM. I fell in love with COSAM my freshman year, taking the time to explore opportunities our college has to offer. I’ve spent my time here as a pre-health student, and I’ve appreciated every opportunity–from working in research at Cal Poly’s reptile laboratory to aiding in various organizations like the SLO Syringe Exchange and Chabad on Campus. The skills I’ve garnered through my extracurriculars will provide me with the experience needed to act as the representative voice of COSAM students. As much as I appreciate how much our college has provided for me and my peers, I’m aware that change is needed, and with my experience and motivation, I’m confident that I can be the voice needed to create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

College of Science and Mathematics

Perla Estrada

Hello! My name is Perla Estrada, I am currently a third year Liberal Studies student. I recently graduated from both Cuesta college and Allan Hancock college where I earned a few associate degrees in Liberal Arts. Being a Latina, transfer, and DACA student I hope to bring more light on issues that deal with transition from a community college to Cal Poly, have more representation on resources to help minorities, and help our college prosper with any other circumstances that could be made better. It would be an honor to represent the school that I call home and continue to help Cal Poly represent our values of Love, Empathy, and Respect.

College of Science and Mathematics

McKenna Grant

Hello there!! My name is McKenna Grant and I am a freshman majoring in biology here at Cal Poly. I am from Santa Barbara and enjoy being in nature, learning new instruments, and forming meaningful connections with others. Being involved and giving back to the community that I am surrounded by is something that is very important to me. I have grown to love this school so much already and would be honored to serve on the ASI Board of Directors to continue to make positive changes to Cal Poly.

College of Science and Mathematics

Sam Park

Hello! My name is Samuel Park, a third year Microbiology student currently representing the College of Science and Mathematics on the ASI Board of Directors. Last year I was honored to be re-elected back to this position and it would be a privilege if I had the opportunity to represent our college for the 2019-2020 academic year. As an incumbent, I bring with me couple years of relationships and connections which allows me to quickly and efficiently create positive change on campus. As I’ve already had two years of experience, I already know how many things work and can assist newer members from our college to effect change. I would love to keep working on improving sustainability, accessibility, efficiency, and transparency within ASI, our college, and our University. I would be honored to be able to represent our values of Love, Empathy, and Respect on the ASI Board of Director.

Orfalea College of Business – 4 seats

Orfalea College of Business

Katia Espinoza - she/her/hers

Radical Love. My name is Katia Espinoza (she/her/hers), and as a second year Business Administration major, I am proud to be running as part of the 2020-2021 Coalition of Love under OCOB. Being a first-generation Latina college student, and through my involvement in clubs and organizations such as MBP, WIB, Mujeres, and Imagen Y Espiritu Ballet Folklorico, I have witnessed first-hand the amazing experiences that OCOB and Cal Poly as a whole has to offer, as well as some of those that I wish to change. It is my hope that through this wave of radical love, we can further transition this campus into a more inclusive and welcoming community for everyone, not just for some. With your help, I promise to become a voice for those who feel as though theirs is not heard, and to foster a community where we value the diversity everyone contributes.

Orfalea College of Business

Natalie Estilo - she/her/hers

My name is Natalie Estilo, pronouns she/her/hers and I am a second-year Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. From my experience as a student of color with a disability, I have learned that there is so much more that needs to be done to support both students like me and students of different backgrounds. Although changes have been made on this campus, there is so much more that needs to be done to support students of different disabilities, sexualities, genders, races, ethnicities, households, economic statuses, and more. I am proud to be apart of the Radical Love Coalition 2020-21, with a vision to love and support all students through their college experiences.

Orfalea College of Business

Marissa Hiji

My name is Marissa Hiji a 2nd year Business Administration student and I am hoping to be reelected as one of your OCOB Board of Directors. I have throughly enjoyed my experience as one of your representatives and I would like to continue the work I am doing now into the next year.

Orfalea College of Business

Melody Lee

My name is Melody Lee and I’m a third-year Business Administration student double concentrating in Accounting and Information Systems. I am eager to spark discussion on promoting a more inclusive community where students are provided with the utmost support. I hope to engage with other board members to foster growth and advocate change both on and off-campus. I am excited about the possibility to communicate with students on creating student initiatives and discuss ways to improve our campus endeavors and goals. My hope is to serve as a voice for students and ensure that Cal Poly creates a sense of belonging and provides all students with many opportunities to learn and feel welcomed.

Orfalea College of Business

Tom Lee

I am a people person. Throughout the course of my 18 years of life, I have come to acknowledge the power of community and cooperation. I wish to incorporate the purest form of leadership within my respective college – the Orfalea College of Business – to broaden student experiences. I cannot make absolute guarantees of outcomes, however, I can make a guarantee to work with campus and student leaders in my purest form of character to develop better alumni correspondence and student inclusion in all aspects of business; I wish to be a vociferous representative within the Board to display the inclusivity, participation, and the power that students can opt to show when necessary. Working with people makes me happy, and this position is one steppingstone to gradually change the world and myself for the better. #PureCommunityLeadership

Orfalea College of Business

Michael Didier Monier

One of the biggest issues facing Cal Poly is how to help students feel connected to the school and to their peers. This can be seen with the implement of more gathering areas in the new dorms, and learning communities in PCV. It all stems from the common complaint that there are thousands of students on weekends who feel alone and lack activities to do with others. The result, students stick to their rooms to play video games. As a member of the board of directors, my goal is to fix this solution by creating and encouraging a communal activity place in the UU. Foosball tables, pool tables, sports games, etc. in the UU to give access to all students and to provide a fun, activity filled environment to make friends and stop lonely Saturday nights.

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Elections for ASI president and the ASI Board of Directors will take place virtually on April 22 at 9 a.m. through April 23 at 9 a.m. Students can access the ballot on the ASI website or through their Cal Poly Portal.


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