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ASI Club Services

As the campus continues to respond to the COVID-19 virus and the many impacts it will have to the operations of campus activities, the following is important information for Club Officers and Advisors regarding club operations during spring quarter, 2020.

Hours of Operation

ASI Club Services staff is working in a virtual environment and are available to assist Club officers and advisors Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For assistance, please email

Club Travel and Events

All club travel and club events that were scheduled to take place on or off campus through June 14, 2020 have been canceled. Please note, this date is subject to change. Expenditures that were incurred prior to notification of the cancellation as well as nonrefundable charges related to the cancellation of events/travel are eligible for reimbursement using the Club Payment Request Form (PRF).

Direct Deposit Enrollment

In an effort to ensure reimbursements can be processed in a timely manner, we strongly encourage all club officers and advisors to complete a Direct Deposit Application. Once completed, please sign as the ‘authorized enrollee.’

With the application, please include one of the following:

  • A photo or scan of a check with ‘VOID’ written across the check, or
  • A copy of your bank’s direct deposit info showing the routing and checking or savings account number (found within your online banking page).

Please email the completed application and back-up documentation to Once set up, an email will be sent on the day the reimbursement is processed notifying that funds were sent to the indicated bank.

Digital Submission of Club Payment Request Forms (PRFs)

Effective immediately, ASI Club Services will begin accepting digital PRF’s to ensure club members, advisors, and vendors can still be reimbursed for prior purchases and services rendered.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the new process:

Step One:

Club member/officer fills out the PRF, including all of the required fields and collects the associated supporting documentation/receipts. Documentation/receipts may be scanned or photographed and attached to email.


Step Two:

Completed PRF and documentation is emailed to a club officer with signing authority. Emails must be sent to officers via their Cal Poly approved email ( Officer with signing authority will review the PRF and supporting documentation. If approved, officer is to reply to the email stating “I approve.”


Step Three:

The signing officer will then forward the string of emails (including their approval) to the club advisor (using the advisor’s Cal Poly email address).


Step Four:

The advisor will review the PRF and supporting documentation. If approved, the advisor is to reply to the email stating “I approve” and then forward the entire email string to Trisha Sanchez, assistant coordinator – Club Services (


Step Five:

ASI Club Services staff will review the document and supporting documentation, check club balances, etc. and route to the necessary university personnel for final approval and processing.

Please note, this process is dependent on the university maintaining operations and processing club checks. If this process is interrupted due to a close of business, clubs will be notified. Please anticipate a minimum 2-week turnaround for all club reimbursements and payments.

Club Deposits

The University Union Chase Bank is closed until further notice. As an alternative location, club deposits can be made at the Chase Bank located at 1235 Chorro St, San Luis Obispo. If a club needs to deposit funds to a club account, please visit this location. To deposit funds, it is required to complete a club deposit form as well as properly endorsed checks. The Chorro Bank location has club deposit slips available for use. Hours of operation for this location are:

  • Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

Officer/Advisor Change

Club leaders are limited to replacing positions for presidents, treasurers, and advisors on charters for the 2019-2020 academic year only.

Club members may replace a single officer position (president, treasurer, or advisor) without forcing the others to unnecessarily redo their training.

Step 1: Take the online training.

First, the new officer or advisor must complete the online training for the 2019-20 academic year. Select your position below to take the training.

Step 2: Email ASI Club Services –

Once the training is complete, the club must contact ASI Club Services to request a Replace Charter form and provide the name(s) and position(s) of the new officer(s)/advisor(s).

Step 3: E-Sign the Adobe Sign copy of the charter.

Once ASI Club Services is notified, a Replace Charter Adobe Sign form will be emailed to the appropriate officers for approval. Upon receiving the charter, the officers will need to obtain the electronic signatures of all officer(s)/advisor(s), including that of College Dean if the club is affiliated with their college. Once the chartering process is completed, the president will be notified by ASI Club Services by email.

Note: New officer(s)/advisor(s) will not be able to sign any paperwork until the Charter has been approved by the Dean of Students Office. No requests (e.g., Club Payment Request Forms (PRFs), ASI Club Funding, E-Plans) can be processed until the Charter has been approved. Officers on the previous Charter may sign paperwork until either the previous Charter expires or until the new Charter is approved.

Note: As all clubs must have a president, treasurer, and advisor, the Replace Charter process cannot be used to remove those positions. Clubs must maintain a minimum of two officers and one advisor on the Charter at all times.

Non-essential Club Processes

The following non-essential club processes have been put on hold until further notice:

  • Club training and chartering for 2020–21 academic year.
  • Acceptance of new club petitions for the remainder of the current academic year.
  • PayPal requests.
  • Club email account requests.