Stephanie Albright

Stephanie Albright


Breakaway, Body Pump, Yoga Flow

Stephanie has been teaching classes at the Cal Poly Recreation Center since 2011. She is a Cal Poly graduate with a degree in kinesiology and is an exercise physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). She has been teaching fitness classes for over 20 years. Stephanie has taught a variety of classes and currently teaches Breakaway, Yoga, and Body Pump at Cal Poly. She hopes to continue to share her passion for fitness with the students, and loves the energy and attention they bring to class. When not teaching or working, Stephanie enjoys the Central Coast for hiking, triathlons, trail running, kayaking, and spending time with family.

“I want my students to have the best experience each and every workout. Have fun, invest in yourself and feel successful. I want to help students attain that feeling every day.”