Facility Reservation Details

Your guide to successfully planning and hosting your next event in an ASI-managed facility.

Steps for Success

Step One: Find a Venue

Browse ASI-managed facilities to find the perfect space to fit your group’s needs.

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Step Two: Scheduling

Utilizing the ASI Scheduling Tool, once you’ve selected a venue that fits your needs, ensure that it is available on your chosen date and will meet the needs of your event.

  • Scheduling — Set-up and take-down times are often required and vary depending on venue. Set-up and tear-down times are reserved for ASI staff to prepare venues prior to each event and restore space after each event.
  • Pre- and post-event times are required if you need time to prepare the venue for your event including decorating, catering, rehearsals, and sound checks. Our reservation tool will help you determine the recommended pre- and post-event times to ensure your event runs smoothly.
  • Services & Amenities — Select the services and amenities that your event requires. The reservation tool will ensure that your selected venue meets your criteria and provide information on which services and equipment require an additional cost.
  • Save your Information — Once you’ve completed the steps and confirmed venue availability, you can save your inputted information to pass on to the appropriate scheduling entity.

Step Three: Request the Space

You’ll be directed to the appropriate scheduling entity depending on your group’s affiliation with Cal Poly.

  • Student Groups —An Event Plan (E-Plan) must be submitted in order to make a reservation. An E-Plan can be started at the end of the reservation tool.
  • Cal Poly Departments — Work with your department’s scheduler to secure your reservation. You have the option to save or print your desired details after completing the reservation tool. Contact University Scheduling to determine your scheduler.
  • External Groups and Community MembersCal Poly’s Conference and Event Planning is a full-service department that handles every detail of the reservation process for non-Cal Poly groups.

Step Four: Event Details

The ASI Event Logistics* team will gather the information needed to ensure a successful event plan is created, including:

  • Determining which support services you may need including event staff, audiovisual, set-up configurations, room layout, and more.
  • Referring you to resources and vendors for specific event needs.

*Conference and Event Planning will assist non-Cal Poly groups with this step.


Step Five: Production Schedule

ASI Event Logistics will send you a link to your Production Schedule after you discuss the details of your event. This form will house all of the important details, generate a more accurate cost estimate, and create a tentative itinerary for your event.


Step Six: Cost Estimate

Based on your selected venue, your group’s affiliation with Cal Poly, and the details provided in the Production Schedule, ASI Event Logistics will generate a quote for your event. View our rate sheet for current reservation costs.


Reservation is complete

Congratulations, you’re hosting an event in an ASI-managed facility.

What's Next

Step Seven

Event Schedule & Logistics

The ASI Event Logistics team will reach out for your input to create an event schedule with production details.

Step Eight

Host Your Event

Your assigned event supervisor will be onsite to provide support and answer any questions.

Step Nine

Event Wrap-Up

After your event, our team will reach out to coordinate invoice payment and to provide feedback about your experience with planning an event in an ASI-managed facility. We strive to constantly improve our processes and services, and your feedback is critical to achieving that goal!


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