University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) Responsibility Guide

Approved by the ASI Board of Directors on April 4, 2018

ASI Student Government members have important duties and responsibilities to the Cal Poly student body. These responsibilities are derived from the ASI Bylaws; often, the responsibilities change as the organization grows and changes.

It is a conflict of interest for ASI to employ members of ASI Student Government and require those individuals to have the responsibility of governing and making decisions regarding the organization by which they are employed. Because of this conflict, it is necessary to separate the roles by not allowing a student to simultaneously hold a position in ASI Student Government and be employed by ASI.


University Learning Objectives

ASI is committed to supporting the aspirations of the University Learning Objectives. Our student leaders are expected to make reasoned decisions based on ethics, respect for diversity, and an awareness of issues of sustainability. Additionally, they will work productively as individuals and in groups while communicating effectively.


University Union Advisory Board

The UUAB student membership shall be comprised of the Chair of the University Union Advisory Board, Vice Chair of the UUAB, one student members from each College (including the Vice Chair), one ASI Board of Directors representative, and the ASI President or designee.

Student members of the UUAB shall be nominated for two-year terms and approved by the committee. At the end of each year a re-commitment interview will be conducted for each member who is eligible to return for the second year of their term.  Second year term appointments are conditional based on the results of the re-commitment interview. Following completion of the two-year term, student members may be nominated and re-appointed for an additional one-year term contingent upon approval of the UUAB. The ASI Board of Director’s representative is appointed by the ASI Chair of the Board on an annual basis.  The ASI President or Designee shall be appointed annually


Summary of Typical Involvement

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings of UUAB.
  • Attend bi-weekly workshops.
  • Take on a lead role for various projects and initiatives.
  • Provide input to group on various matters of UUAB.
  • Effectively represent college, council and campus at large.
  • Other responsibilities as directed by the Chair of the UUAB.
  • Participate in professional development workshops.
  • Expected time commitment:  10-20 hours per week.
  • Serve on ASI internal committees and universitywide committees as appointed by the Chair of UUAB.
  • Participate in the overall ASI assessment, planning, and goal setting.
  • Members of the University Union Advisory Board are responsible for attending all quarterly kick-off trainings. (The annual Fall Kickoff will take place before the start of fall quarter, dates to be determined by the ASI Leadership Team.)
  • A member of the University Union Advisory Board is considered a mandated reporter under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in the ASI Policy as a condition of their volunteer assignment.


The ASI Executive Director or designee will serve as the advisor to the University Union Advisory Board. In this role, the ASI Executive Director or designee will be responsible for providing education and advising on ASI and university related issues. In addition, the ASI Executive Director or designee will serve as a resource regarding upcoming items of business.

During their term of office, members of the University Union Advisory Board must maintain compliance with all CSU and ASI requirements as outlined in the ASI Student Government Qualifications for Office Summary.

The University Union Advisory Board members receive priority registration and ASI vehicle privileges, if eligible