Recreation Center Exercise Rooms Policy

General Policy

  • Appropriate exercise attire is required Recreation Center staff reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of attire. In addition:
    • Shirts are required (no bare midriffs)
    • Shoes
      • Closed toed shoes must be worn in all active fitness areas
      • Shoes must be non-marking, non-scuffing for use in wood floor areas
    • Zippers, snaps or metal studs on clothing that could damage equipment are prohibited.
  • No personal training or instruction, except by Recreation Center staff or Kinesiology trainers
  • Fitness and weight machines must be shared. Please allow others to work-in during sets
  • The Recreation Center is open to all; clubs or groups may not take over use of any exercise space
  • No chewing gum allowed
  • Backpacks, purses or bags are not allowed in the exercise rooms
  • No photography by camera or cell phone without prior written approval
  • No ball play
  • Leak-proof personal water bottles are permitted. Other drinks or food are permitted by prior reservation only
  • No flyers or signage may be placed on walls • No feet on the wall (e.g.: hand stands) • Any bleeding or injuries must be reported to the Recreation Center staff immediately

Equipment Use

  • Equipment is to remain in designated areas and may not be removed from the room
  • All weights, dumbbells, plates must remain on rubberized flooring
  • All users must wipe down equipment when done
  • Re-rack all weight plates and dumbbells
  • Chalk (or other grip-enhancing product) is not allowed
  • Collars are required on all weight bars
  • Olympic lifting, cleans, snatches and jerks permitted on the Power Platforms ONLY
  • Weights may not be dropped
  • 30-minute limit on Cardio. Cardio sign-ups must be in-person by user only
  • Spots required for: free weights, bench presses, military incline/decline, shoulder presses, dumbbell presses and squats
  • Medicine balls may not be thrown
  • Audio visual equipment is to be operated by Recreation Center staff only