Recreation Center Exercise Rooms Policy

General Policy

  • Appropriate exercise attire is required.
  • No personal training or instruction, except by Recreation Center staff or other pre-approved groups is allowed in the exercise rooms.
  • Fitness and weight machines must be shared. Please allow others to work in during sets.
  • Backpacks, purses, or bags are not allowed in the exercise rooms.
  • Leak-proof personal water bottles are permitted.
  • No flyers or signage may be placed on walls.
  • No feet on the wall (e.g.: handstands).
  • Sexual harassment of any form is not tolerated per University policy.

Equipment Use

  • Equipment is to remain in designated areas and may not be removed from the room.
  • All weights and plates must remain on rubberized flooring.
  • All users must clean equipment when done.
  • Re-rack all weight plates and dumbbells.
  • Olympic lifting, cleans, snatches, and jerks are permitted on the power platforms ONLY.
  • Only liquid chalk is allowed.
  • Collars are required on all weight bars.
  • Weights must be controlled.
  • Audio visual equipment is to be operated by staff only.