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Molly Myers

Molly Myers


Head Teacher — Orfalea Family & ASI Children's Center

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Phone: 805-756-1267

Office: Orfalea Family & ASI Children's Center, Building 133

Molly began working at the Children’s Center in 2012 and is currently a head teacher. She is passionate about caring for young children, and her enthusiasm for her work led her to complete an RIE Foundations course earning her a certification in caregiving for infants. Her educational background includes a B.A. in liberal studies: education and sociology, an A.A. in early childhood education, and she has her master’s degree in early childhood education with focus areas in infant and toddler mental health, inclusive education, and constructivist education. Additionally, during her master’s program, she went on a study tour to Reggio Emilia, Italy to learn more about the pedagogy of constructivism. She is excited about continuing to advocate for young children and families throughout her career. Outside of work, Molly is a wife and a mother. She lives in San Luis Obispo with her husband, son, and dog. As a family, they enjoy being outside together including camping, hiking, and picnics. They also enjoy traveling to new places, eating new foods, and having family dance parties.

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