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Josh Dean


Assistant Coordinator—Marketing (Creative Operations)

Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing

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Phone: 805-756-2325

Office: Julian A. McPhee University Union, Building 65, Rm 203

Josh graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Agricultural Communications, where he discovered his passion for working with cameras and storytelling. During his time at university, he traveled throughout California, capturing and recording rodeo and wine events. Transitioning into the wine industry after college, he assumed various marketing roles for renowned wineries worldwide. His freelance work enabled collaborations with organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Yeti, the Community Environmental Council, and Rhone Rangers. Throughout these experiences, he obtained his drone license and achieved sommelier level 1 certification. When he’s not behind a camera, he enjoys traveling, always with a camera by his side or hanging from his neck. Josh aspires to assist students in developing their technical visual skills and storytelling abilities.

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