ASI Student Government Bicycle Safety Campaign: Student Government at Bike Night


San Luis Obispo, Calif. January 3, 2022 — ASI Student Government will be promoting bicycle safety at Bike Night on Thursday, Jan. 6, 2022, from 9–11 p.m.

This presence at Bike Night is the first event in Student Government’s Bicycle Safety Campaign. The campaign kicks off this winter and focuses on the well-being of the community. At Bike Night, campus community members are encouraged to share their experiences regarding their biking and walking around campus and San Luis Obispo with Student Government. This input will help inform the discussions the ASI Board of Directors will have about bike and pedestrian safety with local government and campus leadership.

“I am excited to kick off our Bike Safety campaign with community engagement at Bike Night,” said Anders Bjork, Chair of the ASI External Affairs Committee. “Getting students the resources they need to ride safely and share the road responsibly—all while experiencing the magic of cycling—is important to us.”

Look out for more events and pop-ups in Student Government’s Bike Safety series throughout January and February.

If your bike needs maintenance, you can stop by the ASI Craft Center for their Bike Advice program. Pay $5 for a bike instructor to take a look at your bike and diagnose what’s ailing your cycle—or stop by and fill up bike tires for free.

For more information, contact Anders Bjork, Chair of the ASI External Affairs Committee, at