2022-2023 ASI President and Board of Directors Winners Announced


San Luis Obispo, Calif. April 21, 2022 — The 2022–23 Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) presidential and Board of Directors winners were revealed today at 12 p.m. on asi.calpoly.edu. Gracie Babatola was announced as the 2022–23 ASI president. From the College of Liberal Arts, Gracie Babatola is a second-year Political Science major.


Gracie Babatola received 1163 initial votes — and won through the instant run-off process. A total of 2,901 students voted in our 2022–23 elections through their Cal Poly Portal and the ASI website from Wednesday, April 20 at 9 a.m. through Thursday, April 21 at 9 a.m.


There were 20 students that won seats representing their college on the ASI Board of Directors. The board serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students regarding student advocacy efforts and ASI corporate activity. Winter quarter enrollment numbers determine the number of board seats for the following academic year. The 2022–23 board members and their colleges are as follows:


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (Four Seats)

  • Allison Stauffer, 321 votes — winner
  • Cynthia Diaz (Write-in Candidate), 44 votes — winner
  • Brady Pauken (Write-in Candidate), 31 votes — winner
  • John Van Vliet (Write-in Candidate), 31 votes — winner

College of Architecture and Environmental Design (Three Seats) *

  • The number of ballots cast is insufficient to constitute a quorum for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. The ASI Board of Directors will schedule a new election and notify the student body.

College of Engineering (Five Seats)

  • Varenya Gupta, 364 votes — winner
  • Carlos Rodriguez Orozco, 361 votes — winner
  • Olivia Madrigal, 347 votes — winner
  • Marirose Evenden, 276 votes — winner
  • Roha Ali (Write-in Candidate), 37 votes — winner

College of Liberal Arts (Four Seats)

  • Olivia Jordan Huyler, 274 votes — winner
  • Tyler Coari, 173 votes — winner
  • Maya Lena McClain, 163 — winner
  • Chris Raynes (Write-in Candidate), 5 votes — winner

College of Science and Mathematics (Four Seats)

  • Mason William Stobbe, 258 votes — winner
  • Lily Yenovkian (Write-in Candidate), 14 votes — winner
  • Jasmeet Sandhu (Write-in Candidate), 4 votes — winner
  • Jesse Mason (Write-in Candidate), 2 votes — winner

Orfalea College of Business (Four Seats)

  • Evan Schwaegerle, 185 votes — winner
  • Emily Chan (Write-in Candidate), 40 votes — winner
  • Nick Endres (Write-in Candidate), 7 votes — winner
  • The last OCOB seat is pending due to write-in eligibility


* If voter minimums and the quorum were not met, a special election will be held, per the recommendation of the ASI Recruitment & Elections Committee and a board vote. Vacant board seats will undergo a nomination process consistent with ASI Bylaws.

ASI Student Government utilizes instant run-off voting; students vote by ranking each candidate on their ballots — from first preference to last. After the initial vote, the candidate with the fewest votes is disqualified and their votes are redistributed based on the next preference on each ballot. This process continues until one candidate wins by obtaining more than half of the vote.


Winners will be ratified by the 2022–23 board at an upcoming board meeting. For more information, visit asi.calpoly.edu or contact ASI Recruitment and Elections Committee Chair Jordan Perlas at asielectionschair@calpoly.edu.