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New Smart Room Technology Installed in the University Union


During winter 2018, the conference rooms in the Julian A. McPhee University Union underwent a major renovation to upgrade outdated controls, cabling, and user interface while adding support for additional self-service features. Conference rooms 216, 218, and 219 now have computers with USB access, and HDMI and VGA connections are available for user-provided laptops.

“With technology being so integral in everything students do, it’s great to see the UU conference rooms be upgraded,” University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) Chair Kaelan Sobouti said. “I think they’ll make it easier for students to conduct meetings and connect in study groups, which will aid them in their academics and allow all users to complete work more efficiently.”

ASI Event Operations scheduled space for 4,506 separate student and faculty events and meetings in the UU during the 2016–17 academic year, making these upgrades crucial to providing quality facilities and services for the Cal Poly community.

Through the ASI 2017–22 Strategic Plan, ASI is committed to identifying and implementing innovative solutions to simplify, automate, and improve operations. By adding new self-service features in the UU, ASI hopes to continue to make the facility a more convenient and user-friendly environment.

Visit ASI Facility Reservations to reserve a conference room and experience the new smart room technology.

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