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Mustang Shuttle Funding Approved by UUAB and ASI Board of Directors


The University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) and ASI Board of Directors have voted to approve funding for the Mustang Shuttle.

The Mustang Shuttle is a service facilitated through SLO Safe Ride that helps support safe student travel in the evenings throughout the campus and community. In fall 2021, the pilot program was launched in response to an increased demand for safety, and approximately 16,000 rides were provided to students in winter quarter — with thousands of students still utilizing the services.  


What the UUAB and Board of Directors Do

  • The University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) makes policy and funding recommendations for ASI-managed facilities while working to maintain the integrity of the University Union student body fee.
  • The Board of Directors is the official voice of Cal Poly students. The Board is comprised of student-elected representatives from each academic college. Their responsibilities range from oversight of ASI corporate activity to representing and advocating on behalf of students. 

How the UUAB and Board of Directors will support the Mustang Shuttle

  • The UUAB approved the full requested amount of $95,625 to fund the 2021–22 Mustang Shuttle program and $33,280 a year for the next three years to fund the nighttime Mustang Shuttle program, contingent on an annual presentation of usage and feedback.
  • Additionally, the ASI Board of Directors approved the fully requested amount of $95,625 to fund the 2021–22 Mustang Shuttle program and $62,500 to fund one year of the Mustang Shuttle’s pilot daytime program and three years of its nighttime program. Future Mustang Shuttle funding is contingent on renewal by the Board; renewal review will occur every three years for the nighttime shuttle and annually for the daytime shuttle.

The UUAB had a lengthy discussion on the support and full implementation of the Mustang Shuttle Program, ” said Chair of the University Union Advisory Board Alena Robinson. Members acknowledged that student safety and well-being are at the forefront of ASI’s organizational purpose. After careful deliberation, the University Union Advisory Board voted to fund the continuation of a nighttime shuttle for students. It is our hope and belief that this program will foster a sense of safety for the Cal Poly community for years to come. 

While ASI funded the full costs of the 2021–22 nighttime shuttle, future funding of the daytime and nighttime Mustang Shuttle will be a partnership between ASI, the UUAB, Cal Poly, University Housing, Transportation & Parking Services, and the Cal Poly Corporation to continue supporting the Mustang Shuttle program and student safety. Additional details regarding the daytime shuttle are being finalized by the campus and will be shared closer to the start of fall quarter.

“With ASI funding, we can enhance student well-being and safety through supporting the Mustang Shuttle Program,” said Chair of the Board of Directors Suha Hussain. “I believe this program will improve nighttime safety and increase accessibility to distant areas of campus.” 

The UUAB, Board of Directors, and ASI are proud to contribute to the campus services and support systems that keep students safe.


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