Cal Poly Recreation Center

Cal Poly Recreation Center Reopening


At present, state and county officials are allowing fitness centers to reopen with limitations. However, the Cal Poly Recreation Center is not able to reopen at this time.

The facility was converted by San Luis Obispo County for use as an Alternate Care Site to accommodate a potential surge in COVID-19 patients. Local hospitals have been able to accommodate all COVID-19 patients to date, and the Cal Poly facility has not been needed to treat any patients.

To reiterate, no patients have been treated at the facility as it has served as an Alternate Care Site.

As long as the facility is not in use for patients, the university is working with the county to allow the campus community to use parts of the Recreation Center for fitness purposes. An opening date has not yet been determined. To repeat: The campus community will only be allowed to use portions of the Recreation Center as long as it is not actively in use for COVID-19 patients, in which case it would be closed to the public and be used solely as an Alternate Care Site.

We appreciate your patience and will have a firm opening date announced via our website, newsletter, and social media as soon as it is set.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Recreation Center Membership Services at

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