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Avoid Fines and Act Neighborly with Tips from the SCLC


Welcome back, Mustangs! As you move into your new homes and apartments, the Student Community Liaison Committee (SCLC) has a few tips to help you avoid fines and be a good neighbor. The committee works to proactively promote positive relations, mutual respect, and improved quality of life for all citizens and consists of representatives from Cal Poly, Cuesta College, the City and County of San Luis Obispo, and community organizations.

Remember these important ordinances and regulations regarding noise violations, Safety Enhancement Zones, and unruly gatherings:

SLO City Noise Violations and Regulations

A noise violation can be given if:

  • Noise travels 50 feet or more from your property from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Noise travels beyond your property line from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

A Disturbance Advisement Card (DAC) may be issued as a warning from patrol officers or the Student Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP). This will warrant your house to be on the “No Warning List” for nine months. Law enforcement may issue a noise citation even if your home is not on the No Warning List. If renting, you may be fined by your landlord for receiving a DAC or noise citation.

  • 1st Noise Citation: $350
  • 2nd Noise Citation: $700
  • 3rd (+) Noise Citation: $1,000
  • Safety Enhancement Zones

Safety Enhancement Zones are in effect Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and the Saturday of Cal Poly move-in through 7 a.m. of the Monday following the first weekend of the fall academic school year.

  • Fines are doubled for violation of the following ordinances: possession of open containers or consumption of alcohol in public, noise violations, unruly gatherings, and public urination.
    Unruly Gathering Ordinance

An unruly gathering is “twenty or more persons on private property that results in conduct that causes a substantial disturbance of the quiet enjoyment of public or private property” in combination with any of the following:

  • Obstruction by vehicle(s) or people.
  • Serving alcohol to minors.
  • Amplified music.
  • Presence of person(s) on roof.
  • Unlawful possession of alcohol or drugs.

A separate citation may be issued every hour the unruly gathering or noise violations occur after the initial citation.

  • Initial fine to the host: $700
  • Property owner may also be fined $500
  • Contributors may be fined $350

For more information on city ordinances, visit the City of San Luis Obispo.

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