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ASI Student Government Holds Annual “Meet Your Representatives” Series


The remainder of both the winter and spring quarters for this academic year will feature the annual event series known as “Meet Your Representatives”. These series of events serve as a way for the student body to actively communicate and connect with relevant elected officials. This collection of events also allows students to share their concerns with said elected officials and learn more about the inner workings of government including its impacts on the campus community.

This event is hosted and largely run by members of the External Affairs committee which is responsible for coordinating with the appropriate elected officials to schedule these events. Furthermore, the committee is also tasked with maintaining a substantial knowledge about these officials to form meaningful questions to be posed to the political figures. The External Affairs committee is a subset of the ASI Board of Directors, the corporate governing board of ASI.

The Board of Directors acts as the official voice of Cal Poly students and is comprised of student-elected representatives from each academic college. Their responsibilities range from oversight of ASI corporate activity to representing and advocating on behalf of students.

An example of who will be featured during these events is the current city of San Luis Obispo Mayor, Erica E. Stewart. Last year, Mayor Stewart was hosted on campus near the yakʔitʸutʸu dorm complex and was available to speak with students on a Friday afternoon. Many of the events will be similar in style this year with the goal being to attract more students to the events to encourage more vibrant discussions with elected officials. Other elected officials who could be included in these events through the end of the academic year are Congressmember Salud Carbajal, State Senator John Laird, and State Assemblymember Dawn Addis.

As representatives of the Cal Poly student body, the Board of Directors hosts this event series annually to give students a chance to publicly and politely present their concerns to elected officials. This opportunity is meant to serve all Cal Poly students regardless of background or ability, please reach out to External Affairs Committee Chair, Tyler Coari, if you have any questions or concerns about attending these events.

“The ‘Meet Your Representatives’ event series provides the student body with an excellent opportunity for the campus community to engage with elected officials,” says Tyler Coari, Chair of the External Affairs committee. “It allows students to bring to light the problems they face daily to those with the power to help solve them. You will not want to miss these events!”

Visit External Affairs Committee to learn more. For any questions regarding the board, please contact the Chair of the ASI Board of Directors at

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