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ASI Statement of Solidarity


Dear Cal Poly Students,

As Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), we stand in solidarity with our black and Latinx communities and support all students who have been impacted by recent events. The hateful actions, paired with the complacency of fraternity members, are unacceptable.

We hear you and we hurt with you. We are students for students, and our heavy hearts go out to all of the communities that are demoralized by these intolerable actions. As your representatives, it is our responsibility to demand a safe and inclusive environment for ALL students. We will not tolerate the actions of Lambda Chi Alpha, or any other group who prevents Cal Poly from achieving an equal and inclusive community. More importantly, we acknowledge that this issue is much larger than this singular incident.

When actions like this happen, we understand that most students expect a corporate response, and we agree. However, we are committed to long-lasting action, not just words. We know that a simple statement is not and will never be enough. The nature of our organization requires proactive thought to ensure that change is institutionalized. As acknowledged in the demands, “hastily made decisions are not always the best decisions.” Following our corporate checks and balances is critical because it gives us time to listen, analyze, and make thoughtful decisions.

This past week has challenged ASI Student Government members to reflect on the impact of our roles. We recognize that although many of our initiatives this year have been focused on diversity efforts, there is still so much left to be done. Our attention has been focused on what legislation and actions need to be put forward in response to the lack of diversity within our organization as well as Cal Poly. Here is our commitment to Cal Poly students:

Our commitment:

In response to Cal Poly students’ demands and in light of the current campus climate surrounding issues of diversity and inclusion, ASI will propose additional financial resources to address these critically important issues.
Explore the secretary of diversity position on the ASI president’s cabinet and the creation of an ASI Diversity standing committee.
Evaluate the standing rules of the ASI Recruitment and Elections Committee to see how outreach can specifically include underrepresented minority groups to increase transparency and access.
Charge the ASI executive director with incorporating mandatory ongoing trainings regarding social and structural inequality and cultural awareness for Student Government, ASI full-time staff, and ASI student staff.
Support students who choose to run as write-in candidates by providing access to printing flyers.
Increase transparency and education of our corporate structure and policies.
ASI stands in solidarity with all students of color. We will not be complacent. We will not stop working on your behalf. We will amplify our call for change on this campus.

In solidarity,

Riley Nilsen, ASI President

Daniela Czerny, ASI Chair of the Board

Kaelan Sobouti, Chair of the University Union Advisory Board

Marcy Maloney, ASI Executive Director

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