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ASI President Mark Borges Attends Prestigious Panetta Institute


On June 9, 2019, ASI President Mark Borges attended the Panetta Institute for Public Policy at California State University, Monterey Bay. Founded by former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, the Panetta Institute for Public Policy is an eight-day program filled with presentations and events by influential leaders in their respective fields. They inspire current student leaders to apply their goals in the public sphere in order to enact change. The Panetta family aims to guide future public policy leaders as they finish their education and begin to propel their careers.

Borges attended the institute with fellow CSU ASI presidents and left feeling inspired by his time there. “The Panetta Institute was truly a transformative experience. I left the week feeling energized to take full advantage of the position I am privileged to hold,” Borges said.

The Panetta Institute for Public Policy gives student leaders the tools they need to grow in the field of public leadership. From this, Borges and the other CSU presidents’ plan on applying the lessons learned to their own universities. The week’s activities revolved around themes of relationship-building, resiliency against adversity, and how to reach consensus amongst those with differing political ideologies.

“Throughout the year, there may be instances where different campus stakeholders may not agree on the best course of action to take, but the Panetta Institute instilled in me the importance of finding consensus with those that may not agree with you in order to create solutions that will benefit students,” Borges said.

The training exercises and practices during the week spent at the Panetta Institute aim to instill a deeper appreciation for effective leadership as well as to encourage students to pursue careers in public service.

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