ASI Poly Escapes

ASI Poly Escapes Climbing Park Maintenance Closure


UPDATE: Dec. 19, 2022

Through winter quarter 2023, the ASI Poly Escapes Climbing Park Maintenance project will include inspection and routine maintenance. Watch out for additional amenities to hit the Climbing Park later in 2023!

It’s time for the ASI Poly Escapes Climbing Park to get a check-up!

While our beloved wall is operationally in great shape, we want to do our best to maintain it, so it’s time to get your last clambers in, climbers! Starting Sunday, Nov. 6, the park’s climbing area will be prepared for its revitalization and fenced off until winter quarter 2023.


Climbing Park History

Did you know that the climbing wall used to be located in the Julian A. McPhee University Union, back when Poly Escapes was merely a club? The single-route wall was backed with wood and was located outside of the current University Union Market.

The wall made its way down near the Recreation Center just over 10 years ago. With this long history, we don’t want to take our current wall for granted; it’s time to refresh the Climbing Park:


Climbing Park Maintenance Details

The Climbing Park inspection and maintenance project is expected to be completed during winter quarter 2023. Until then, stop by the Poly Escapes Rental Center and check out your favorite climbing gear! Ask Rental Center staff where and what to scale next.

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