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ASI Election Results: Meet Your 2020–21 ASI President & ASI Board of Directors


The results are in! Your new 2020–21 ASI President is Shayna Lynch! From the College of Liberal Arts, Shayna is a ­­­­­third-year political science major, has served in ASI Student Government for three years, and is the current ASI chief of staff. Through her platform which focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion, health and well-being, empowering the student voice, and sustainability, Shayna hopes to create a better Cal Poly by “charging forward together.”

Shayna received 1,798 total votes with 3,547, or 17%, of students voting in this election. 24 students won seats representing their college on the ASI Board of Directors. The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students regarding student advocacy efforts and ASI corporate activity. Winter quarter enrollment determines the number of board seats for the following academic year. The following is a summary of the election results for all candidates, total votes received, and the winners for each college:


ASI President — 1 seat

ਮਨਮੀਤ Manmit Singh Chahal (Manu)–he/him, 1,332 votes

Dennis Fiorentinos, 512 votes

Shayna Lynch (she/her/hers), 1,798 votes — Winner

For the presidential candidates, instant runoff voting came into effect. Below is a summary of the vote counts:

Initial Vote Count (no majority captured)

ਮਨਮੀਤ Manmit Singh Chahal (Manu)–he/him, 1,328 votes

Dennis Fiorentinos, 510 votes

Shayna Lynch (she/her/hers), 1,688 votes

Final Instant Runoff Vote

ਮਨਮੀਤ Manmit Singh Chahal (Manu)–he/him, 1,353 votes

Shayna Lynch (she/her/hers), 1,798 votes — Winner


ASI Board of Directors

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences — 4 seats

Megan Abeyta, 170 votes

Hayley Fernandes, 333 votes — Winner

Armando Nevarez, 314 votes — Winner

Sujhey Rosas (she/hers), 293 votes — Winner

Samantha Santos, 364 votes — Winner

Adriana Villicana (she/hers/her), 246 votes


College of Architecture and Environmental Design — 3 seats

Alexander Ameri, 180 votes — Winner

Diana Fierro Gonzalez, 165 votes — Winner

Mitchell Wexler, 102 votes — Winner

Hannah Yaron, 79 votes


College of Engineering — 5 seats

Ricky Chavez, 370 votes — Winner

Kanoa Chun, 152 votes

Alan Faz, 474 votes — Winner

Evan Engler, 174 votes

Suha Hussain, 380 votes — Winner

Tess Loarie (she/her/hers), 471 votes — Winner

Kathlyn Lorenzo (she/her/hers), 335 votes

Jordan Perlas (she/her/hers), 382 votes — Winner


College of Liberal Arts — 4 seats

Gabe Arditti, 110 votes

Lauren Buckley, 121 votes

Nicki Butler, 178 votes

Andrew Kim, 199 votes

Brian Kragh, 188 votes

Kelly Mok (she/her/hers), 205 votes

Neila Consuelo Patino (she/her/hers), 260 votes — Winner

Jordy Roth, 233 votes — Winner

Parker Swanson, 212 votes — Winner

Amanda Tejeda (she/her), 245 votes — Winner


College of Science and Mathematics — 4 seats

Michelle Deyski, 189 votes — Winner

Perla Estrada, 236 votes — Winner

McKenna Grant, 158 votes — Winner

Sam Park, 235 votes — Winner


Orfalea College of Business — 4 seats

Katia Espinoza (she/her/hers), 189 votes — Winner

Natalie Estilo (she/her/hers), 175 votes

Marissa Hiji, 181 votes — Winner

Melody Lee, 177 votes — Winner

Tom Lee, 213 votes — Winner

Michael Didier Monier, 118 votes


Visit ASI elections for more information. Winners will be ratified by the 2019–20 board at an upcoming virtual board meeting.

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