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ASI Election Results: Meet Your 2023–24 ASI President & ASI Board of Directors


The results are in! Your new 2023–24 ASI President is Sam Andrews! From the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences. Sam is an Environmental Management and Protection major and the current ASI Secretary of Sustainability. 

Sam received 1,136 initial votes and won through the instant run-off process. A total of 1,513 students voted in the 2023–24 ASI presidential and Board of Directors elections through their Cal Poly Portal and the ASI website from Tuesday, April 25 at 8 a.m. through Thursday, April 27 at 8 a.m.


ASI President – 1 seat 

  • Sam Andrews, 1,136 votes—winner
  • Jake Zylstra, 35 votes (write-in candidate)


There are 21 students that won seats representing their college on the ASI Board of Directors. Three seats on the Board of Directors are still pending write-in candidacy verification at the time of the election announcement. The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of Cal Poly students regarding student advocacy efforts and ASI corporate activity. Winter quarter enrollment determines the number of board seats for the following academic year. The 2023–24 board members and their colleges are:


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (4 seats) 

  • Natalie Santos, 160 votes—winner 
  • Marc Cabeliza, 106 votes—winner 
  • Rachel Reade (write-in candidate), 17 votes—winner 
  • Reagan Denny (write-in candidate), 1 vote—winner* 


College of Architecture and Environmental Design (3 seats) 

  • Alaina Ortiz, 77 votes—winner 
  • Aaron Posternack (write-in candidate), 5 votes—winner 
  • *The third seat representing the College of Architecture and Environmental Design is pending write-in candidate verification.


College of Engineering (5 seats) 

  • Siddarth Kartha, 112 votes—winner
  • Sujanya Srinath, 96 votes—winner
  • Sofia Buduchina, 89 votes—winner
  • Ethan Robin, 84—winner**
  • Angela Gutierrez, 85 votes—winner 


College of Liberal Arts (4 seats) 

  • Maya McClain, 120 votes—winner
  • Kayla Cavazos, 104 votes—winner
  • Alyson Engel, 95 votes—winner
  • Scott Drouin, 89 votes—winner


College of Science and Mathematics (4 seats) 

  • Jett Palmer, 91 votes—winner
  • Joseph Fewell, 89 votes—winner
  • Arlein Logrono, 51 votes—winner
  • Kelly Pi (write-in candidate), 6 votes—winner


Orfalea College of Business (4 seats) 

  • Alexis Kong, 85 votes—winner
  • Evan Pomeroy, 24 votes (write-in)—winner
  • Chloe Fulton (write-in candidate), 11 votes—winner
  • Zachary Van Blarcom (write-in candidate), 4 votes—winner


Visit ASI elections for more information. Winners will be ratified by the 2022–23 board at the upcoming virtual board meeting on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.**


*Updated, Thursday, April 27: The fourth seat representing the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences was confirmed on Thursday, April 27 at 2 p.m. after write-in candidate verification.

**Updated, Thursday, April 27: The fourth seat representing the College of Engineering was won by first runner-up Ethan Robin following the withdrawal of  Varenya Gupta. The final winners were ratified by the 2022–23t ASI Board of Directors on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. 

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