ASI Student Government

Apply Now: ASI Club Funding & Social Justice Program Funding


Applications for ASI Club Funding and ASI Social Justice Program Funding for the 2020–21 academic year are now open!

Clubs may apply for both ASI Club Sponsorship and ASI Event Co-Sponsorship funding with a maximum combined allotment of $1,650 per club. All chartered Cal Poly clubs are eligible to receive funding. Visit ASI Club Services to learn more and apply.

Clubs and organizations that support underrepresented minority students may also apply for ASI Social Justice Program Funding. Currently chartered Cal Poly Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), departments, and Instructionally Related Activities (IRAs) are eligible to apply for funding which can be used to support events intended to educate students on issues facing underrepresented minority students. Visit the Social Justice Funding Application to learn more and apply today!