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ASI Board of Directors’ Stance on the Health Services Fee Adjustment


In fall 2017, the ASI Board of Directors was one of 26 student and/or support groups that were engaged during the campus’s alternative consultation process regarding an adjustment to the Health Services Fee. Board members were provided background information regarding the health fee on two separate occasions, once during a board workshop on Oct. 23, 2017, and again at a board meeting on Oct. 25, 2017. Following those presentations, board members sought feedback from their constituents regarding what was in the best interest of Cal Poly students.

“The board was one of 26 groups that were consulted prior to the president’s decision. As the official voice of Cal Poly students, the board had an incredibly hard decision to make in regards to student health services while also balancing the financial burden students face,” Daniela Czerny, chair of the Board of Directors, said.

On Nov. 15, 2017, the board held a special meeting to vote on Resolution #18 -03: ASI Board of Directors’ Stance on the Proposed Health Services Fee. The board voted in favor of the resolution which encouraged the University to explore Option A, the $99 per quarter increase. The board voted 19 in the affirmative, 7 opposed. “The decision was two and a half hours of debate and discussion, and I could not be more proud of the research, effort, and time the board took to come to their decision,” Czerny said.

“The board approved the resolution because we had an opportunity to fix an issue that has been adversely affecting student success for several years,” John D’Ambrosio, Board of Directors representative for the College of Engineering, said. “It was very unfortunate that it had to land on the backs of students, but the board felt that it was their responsibility to act and create a better Cal Poly with adequate health services.”

President Armstrong sent an email to all students, faculty, and staff on Jan. 9, 2018 stating that he plans to support the adjustment of the student health fee by $99 per quarter for newly admitted students beginning in fall 2018.

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