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3 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community


Your help matters! ASI Student Government hopes that each member of our campus community is practicing proper social distancing and taking steps to stay safe and healthy. If you are not immunocompromised and do not regularly come into contact with others, know that there are multiple ways you can assist in your community.

  • Volunteer at a Food Bank – Check in with your local food bank and other food assistance nonprofits to see if they are seeking volunteers. Food banks are requiring volunteers to practice social distancing. If you are still in San Luis Obispo, visit the SLO Food Bank for more information on volunteering.
  • Support Small Businesses – Many small businesses in the community have experienced various forms of economic stress. You can help by ordering takeout, buying a gift card, or writing a positive review for your favorite small businesses!
  • Save a Life and Donate Blood – Blood donation centers across the country have experienced a decrease in the number of blood donors. If you have the capacity to donate blood, you can be an active force in supporting our health care system.

Please note that these activities should only be conducted if you can ensure your own safety and the safety of others. Be mindful of proper social distancing as we all try to flatten the curve!

If you are assisting your community in any way, tag @calpolyasi in your Instagram Stories. You may see your work shared along with other Mustangs who are helping out in their communities!

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