COVID-19 Reopening Plans

Cal Poly Sports Complex & Doerr Family Field

The following reopening plans for the Cal Poly Sports Complex and Doerr Family Field have been reviewed and approved by the Cal Poly Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Hours of Operation

Visit Facility Hours for modified hours of operation.

Check-In Procedures

Authorized Users

ASI will enforce a strict check-in procedure to ensure only Cal Poly affiliated community members can utilize the fields. The field supervisors will check Cal Poly ID cards or alumni status prior to allowing field use.

Cal Poly affiliates include:

  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Emeritus

Field supervisors will verify alumni status by logging into the Alumni Association Database utilized by the membership staff. Each eligible affiliate may bring one guest.


Health Screening

Participants and staff will be required to complete a health check prior to utilizing the fields.

  • In accordance with Cal Poly COVID-19 screening and testing requirements, students must show a certified (green) Campus Pass before entering the Cal Poly Recreation Center. Learn more.
  • Staff will be instructed to refrain from coming to work if feeling ill.
  • Staff will have their temperature checked by an infrared touchless thermometer.
  • Staff and participants will be asked to answer the following questions:
    • In the last 14 days have you had:
      • a) Close contact with someone with a laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19?
      • b) Close contact with someone who is under investigation for COVID-19?
      • c) Close contact with someone who has been hospitalized for a respiratory illness AND has no signs of any of the symptoms listed above?
      • Staff members will self-screen at the beginning of their shift and sign off on the screening.

Equipment & Activities

Equipment Usage

Doerr Family Field

  • Equipment rentals will not take place.
  • Soccer goals will be made available for physically distanced use.
    • During the early stages of use, full soccer games will not be permitted.

Cal Poly Sports Complex

  • Soccer goals and basketball courts will be made available for physically distanced use.
    • During the early stages of use, full soccer games or basketball games will not be permitted.
  • ROTC Pullup System
    • The pullup system will not be available for use.

Permitted Activities

All activities need to be able to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

  • Contact sports will not be permitted until the State of California permits this in a later phase.
    • NCAA and Club Athletics group practices will not be permitted during ASI informal recreation times.
  • Physical exercises such as sprints, jogging, burpees, etc. will be permitted.
  • In accordance with the State of California’s Outdoor Recreation guidelines listed under the stay-at-home order, activities that use shared equipment by hand are permitted as long as participants are 6 feet apart.
    • This includes activities such as throwing a baseball, frisbee, or football. However, full contact games or matches of these sports will not be allowed as physical distancing cannot effectively be maintained.

Physical Distancing Measures

Physical Distancing Plans

Specific sections of each field will have grids of 15 square feet. The purpose of this is to provide a visual cue for participants who want to have their own designated space for stationary workouts and activities.

  • Only activities that can occur with proper physical distancing will be permitted. Field supervisors and signs will encourage this guideline.
    • Per the State of California’s Outdoor Recreation guidelines listed under the stay-at-home order:
      • “It’s okay to go outside to go for a walk, to exercise, and participate in healthy activities as long as you maintain a safe physical distance of six feet and gather only with members of your household.”
    • Members of the same household will be asked to physically distance.
    • Staff vehicles may be utilized as long as all vehicle occupants are wearing face coverings.
    • Water fountains and hydration stations will be closed.

Staff Expectations

The coordinator — Facility Operations will provide the following training to staff regarding physical distancing procedures:

  • Staff and signs will educate participants on why physical distancing is required.
  • Staff and signs will also educate participants on effective ways of maintaining physical distancing based on activity type.
  • Staff and signs will explain physical distancing protocol when participants enter the space.
  • Staff in supervised spaces will be actively encouraging physical distancing. Staff reserve the right to ask participants to leave the premises if physical distancing is continuously ignored.

Spaces & Occupancy

As the Upper Sports Complex represents 294,743 square feet of space and the Lower Sports Complex represents 580,306 square feet of space, occupancy numbers will be based on the types of programs and events scheduled for the areas. Open recreation in available areas will be managed by field supervisors to ensure participants are engaging in physical distancing protocols.

For informal recreation, the field supervisor will limit capacity to 35 participants per field.

For reservations, when allowed, capacities will be set to the maximum amount of people allowed per gathering as set by county health guidelines.

*This provision will be updated as county guidance evolves.

Cleaning & Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protocol

The coordinator — Facility Operations has developed a plan for the use of PPE to meet guidelines as provided by the regulating agencies, including:

  • Hand sanitizing stations will be provided at entryways.
  • Gloves will be provided for staff at staff stations.
  • Gloves will be required during first aid, cleaning, and interactions with participants.
  • Employees must wear face coverings while speaking with or interacting with participants.
  • Participants are required to wear face coverings while speaking with or interacting with staff but are not required to wear face coverings while exercising.
  • Staff stations will have plexiglass installed on the table to protect employees. Plexiglass that is tall enough to limit staff exposure while seated when a participant is standing in front of them will be installed.

Cleaning Enhancements

Staff will be utilizing Betco PH7Q Ultra as their primary cleaning chemical. Bins for clean and dirty towels will be made available as well as a continuously stocked supply of cleaning towels. Staff will have gloves and other PPE on and available during cleaning procedures.

  • Fields will be maintained by Landscape Services. Contact Ron Ion at 805-602-2213 for questions.
  • Restrooms at the Upper Sports Complex will be serviced per university cleaning guidelines by Cal Poly Facilities.
  • Restrooms will be closed during the summer and will reopen at the start of fall quarter.
  • Portable restrooms at the Lower Sports Complex will be unavailable for both summer and fall quarters.
  • Recreational equipment at Doerr Family Field will not be available.
  • Staff equipment such as radios, keys, work phones, first-aid kits, and AED’s will be cleaned before and after each shift.
  • Each field supervisor will be issued their own set of keys for entry.
  • Gates will be wiped down by the opening shift and again by the closing shift. Throughout the day, the gates will remain open and untouched.
  • Anytime a vehicle is used, the steering wheel, buttons, switches, and seats will be wiped down by cleaning equipment that is provided.

First-Aid Response

First aid and emergency response will take place in accordance with the American Red Cross guidelines. Staff will be instructed to do the following when administering first aid:

  • Place a face mask or face covering over the mouth and nose of the victim. If only one mask is available and it is a simple covering, place it on the victim.
  • Look for breathing, do not listen or feel.
  • Only provide compression-only CPR on adult victims until emergency personnel arrive.
  • Only BVMs will be used for ventilation.
  • Use an AED consistent with the manufacturer’s guidelines and the training received.
  • After providing care, remove and dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE) per established guidelines and wash hands thoroughly
  • PPE Protocol
    • Staff will be provided with medical-grade surgical masks in their first-aid kits which will be required when providing care that requires intimate contact with the participant.
    • Disposable gowns will be added to all emergency response kits.

Sick Employee Protocol

If any staff member begins to feel ill during the day, they will report their condition immediately to the coordinator — Facility Operations.

The coordinator will then:

  • Immediately separate the employee who is sick from other staff and participants.
  • Send the employee home and instruct them to follow up with a healthcare provider.
  • If possible, close off all areas that the sick employee was using and disinfect those areas.

Enter & Exit Routes

Doerr Family Field

  • Participants will enter the field through the G2 Lot after completing a health check and presenting ID.
  • Participants will be encouraged to exit through the back exits.
  • In the event of an evacuation, all three exits will be available. The staging area will be the G2 Parking Lot.

Upper Sports Complex

  • Participants will enter through the gate by 160-162C after completing a health check and presenting ID. For 160-162F (basketball courts), participants will enter through the nearest gate.
  • Participants will be encouraged to exit through the side exits by each of the fields and on the basketball courts.
  • In the event of an evacuation, participants will exit through any of the available gates. The staging area will be the H15 parking lot.

Lower Sports Complex

  • Participants will enter at the path next to the H12 parking lot. This space will be unsupervised so there will be no health screening.
  • Participants may exit through the same path or exit by the path that leads to the Upper Sports Complex.
  • In the event of an evacuation, participants will evacuate through any available exit. The staging area will be both the H12 parking lot and the H15 parking lot next to the Upper Sports Complex.

Field Maintenance

The following areas will be closed for maintenance:

Lower Sports Complex:

  • Fields 6 and 7 will be closed from Aug. 1 to Sept. 15.

Track at Doerr Family Field:

  • Closed from June to September.

Contact Chris Wassenberg at 805-748-7236 for questions.

*All procedures are subject to change. In the development of this plan, guidance was taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Red Cross, and many industry-specific guidance documents and from the County of San Luis Obispo. At the time of the plan’s creation, no state guidance was available. Once it becomes available, all directives will be implemented. The sports fields will not open until all relevant government agencies approvals are followed including Cal Poly and the California State University System administration, San Luis Obispo County government, the State of California, and the United States government.