Craft Center

Create, relax and escape from your stresses in the ASI Craft Center, a unique environment offering seven well-equipped studios and classes in the following disciplines: ceramics, flameworking, surfboard shaping, skateboard deck construction, baseball bat making, woodworking, jewelry smithing and casting, stained glass and basic bike repair. Classes are taught by student instructors and are primarily targeted at beginners.

student making stained glass in the asi craft center
students shaping surfboards in asi craft center
student shaping a baseball bat on a wood lathe in the asi craft center
students throwing clap on the wheen in the asi craft center
hand made clay pots for the asi craft center craft sale


Take a Class

Students choose any woodworking project, and class instructors show them how to build their creations. Specialty classes are also offered for building skateboards, guitars, segmented bowls and drums.

$80 students
$100 non-students

Buy a Pass

Quarter: $20 students; $30 non-students
Day: $2 students; $3 non-students

The Woodshop is a tightly configured space with a few key tools suitable for most projects. Our table saw, miter saw, and bandsaw provide the cutting alternatives needed to build almost anything. More specifically, the shop is equipped with a 10" Delta table saw, a 12" sliding compound miter saw, a 14" Delta bandsaw, a 6" jointer, a 20" surface sander, a router table, a spindle sander, a 12" disk/belt sander, a drill press, an assortment of smaller power tools, 32" Powermatic and 12" pen lathes, and the space needed to assemble and build your projects. Free safety classes are offered to beginning woodworkers who would like to learn how to use all of the power tools, and a written test is required as well. Try woodworking today; this is a skill that will last you a lifetime.

Baseball Bat Making

Have you ever wished you could make your own baseball bat? Apparently many people have, so the Craft Center is now offering baseball bat classes. Bat class participants are given a billet to turn on our Powermatic lathe. Once complete, bats can be painted or varnished and wood burned for a customized appearance. Since we started offering these classes they have been filling to capacity, so register early and take your finished product to the fields for stunning homeruns and bragging rights.

Take a swing at making your very own Baseball Bat

Skateboard Deck Building

Skateboard deck made by a student in the ASI Craft Center wood working class
Building skateboard decks has become a very popular craft class over the past few years. Using thin, high-quality plywood as laminate layers, students build and bend their boards to create long and short skateboards. Once the boards are laminated with 5 layers of thin plywood held together by wood glue, the decks are cut using the bandsaw. Students are then given the option to use high-quality wood burning tools to create designs on the board decks. The results are often quite remarkable. Skateboards are built in the woodshop, and this requires taking a safety class from our capable staff. Register early for this class, it fills to capacity every quarter.


How do I register?

Participants may register at ASI Connect or in person at the Craft Center. Registration begins the first week of every quarter.

Do I need my own woodworking tools?

No. The Craft Center has all the tools you need to complete your project.