Craft Center

Create, relax and escape from your stresses in the ASI Craft Center, a unique environment offering seven well-equipped studios and classes in the following disciplines: ceramics, flameworking, surfboard shaping, skateboard deck construction, baseball bat making, woodworking, jewelry smithing and casting, stained glass and basic bike repair. Classes are taught by student instructors and are primarily targeted at beginners.

student making stained glass in the asi craft center
students shaping surfboards in asi craft center
student shaping a baseball bat on a wood lathe in the asi craft center
students throwing clap on the wheen in the asi craft center
hand made clay pots for the asi craft center craft sale

Surfboard Shaping

Take a Class

Learn how to shape your surfboard and customize it for your body and your style.

$195 students
$250 non-students

Buy a Pass

Quarter: $20 students; $30 non-students
Day: $2 students; $3 non-students

"It's something I've always wanted to do, and actually getting to do it is great!"

The Craft Center Surfboard Shaping Room has six shaping bays equipped with shadow lights and racks. There is also a separate room and overhead racks for board storage. The quarter pass includes access to the room at any time, tools, and storage for one board. Those taking the class will receive a surfboard blank, instruction, and tips on artwork. The class does not include glassing. Have a great time creating a personalized surfboard; the only board in the world with your initials on the deck.



Can I shape my own blank in one of your classes? Is there a discount?

Yes, there is a $50 discount for those who want to shape their own blank. Please note:

  1. Blanks cannot be longer than 9'-5" because the room is cramped when there are long boards in the space.
  2. Colored foam is not allowed in the Craft Center shaping studio either because the pigment from the foam particles spreads throughout the room and contaminates any white blanks that may be in the room at the same time.
  3. Can I take a shaping class if I am not a Cal Poly student?

    Yes, you will pay a higher fee but the class is open to all who want to attend.

    I am from out of town. Do you offer weekend classes?

    Yes, we offer weekend classes on demand. If we have more than four people who are interested in a particular weekend class, we will schedule our staff to teach the course.

    Can I store my blank in the Craft Center and continue to work on it after my class ends?

    You may store your blank in the Craft Center during the quarter in which you take the class. You also have a two week grace period into the next quarter to finish your board. Our space is very limited, so blanks left in the Craft Center beyond the two week grace period will be sold for $20 each.

    How do I register?

    Participants may register at ASI Connect or in person at the Craft Center. Registration begins the first week of every quarter.