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Stop by the Pro Shop for your general recreation needs and answers to your questions.


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Reservations for most group exercise classes as well as courts can be made by phone or in person at the Pro Shop.

Taking Body Pump or BreakAway cycling class?
Reservations can be made online.

We also offer online reservations for the racquetball courts.


Check out equipment such as basketballs and ping pong paddles.

If you're playing outside, gear up with sports equipment like softball gloves, volleyballs, tennis rackets and more.

Equipment Check-out:

  1. Basketballs (Indoor/Outdoor)
  2. Badminton Rackets/Shuttlecocks
  3. Bocce Ball Kit
  4. Bean Bag Toss
  5. Dodgeballs
  6. Flag Football Flags
  7. Footballs
  8. Ladder Golf
  9. Ping Pong Paddles/Balls
  10. Racquetball Rackets/Balls
  11. Softball Bats/Gloves
  12. Spikeball
  13. Squash Ball Racquets/Balls
  14. Tennis Rackets
  15. Ultimate Frisbee
  16. Volleyballs (Indoor/Outdoor)
  17. Wallyball Kit

Items for Sale:

  1. Batteries
  2. Racquetballs
  3. Racquetball Goggles
  4. Racquetball Racquets
  5. Headphones
  6. Swim Goggles
  7. Swim Caps
  8. Tennis Balls
  9. Locks
  10. Squash Balls
Proshop Equipment

Lost & Found

ASI Recreational Sports is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Cal Poly Recreation Center participants are responsible for personal belongings brought into any part of the Recreation Center.

Lost and found items may be turned in to the Pro Shop.

Lost and Found

Towel Service

Participants who are a part of the Recreation Center towel service are now guaranteed a towel during every workout. Recreation Center participants may choose to purchase towel service at the Pro Shop for a $5 service fee. At the time of purchase, the participant will receive a clean towel. When the participant is ready for a new towel, they may return the used towel in exchange for a clean towel. A clean towel will only be given to the participant when a used towel is returned to the Pro Shop.

Participants may ask for a towel service card in lieu of a clean towel. Participants can exchange their towel service card at their next workout. A towel or towel service card must be returned in order to receive a clean towel or the participant will need to buy into the service again. No refunds will be given for lost or stolen towels or towel service cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Towel service is purchased at the Recreation Center Pro Shop located in the main lobby.
You may purchase more than one towel service for $5 each but the ratio of return and exchange is always 1 for 1.
You can exchange your used towel for a clean towel at the Pro Shop. The wicker baskets have been removed from the facility. If you do not return a towel at the Pro Shop you will not receive a clean towel.
During times you prefer not to carry a clean towel out of the building, you may ask for a towel service card. This card represents a towel. You must turn in your towel service card at the Pro Shop in exchange for a clean towel. No refunds will be given for lost or stolen towels or towel service cards.
The towels are cleaned in a laundry room inside the Recreation Center which contains commercial size washers and dryers. Towels are collected, cleaned and redistributed by Recreation Center staff.
Yes, you may use your own towel, but the Recreation Center will not launder your towel.
It is fine if you take the towel home with you; however, you will still need to return the used towel to the Pro Shop in order to receive a clean towel.
No, there is no limit to how many towels you can exchange in one day, but you will only receive one clean towel per one returned towel.