Children's Center

ASI Children's Programs enriches the development of young children, provides students, faculty and staff parents a safe and stimulating environment for their children and improves family life through parent education. Additionally, ASI Children’s Programs provides Cal Poly students with employment opportunities and an environment to study the development of young children.

The Children's Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and certified as an Outdoor Classroom Demonstration Site.

children learning music by litening to dad play the banjo
Learning music with dad

Parent Group

parent helps her child with a project
Parent interacts with her child on a class project.
Parent Group meetings are designed to be informal and will address parenting issues, concerns and problems that are at the forefront of parents' minds. Our Associate Director will help parents clarify any parenting topics, provide information about child development and introduce skills, techniques or suggestions that may help to support parents as they work through a given situation or want to change a behavior. These meetings are extremely beneficial to new parents and are highly encouraged by the center. Meeting times are determined each quarter based on a survey of parent's availability.

Parent Involvement

Parent participation is vital to ASI Children's Programs. Parent donations of time and talent, contributes to the quality of each child's early care and education experience. Parent involvement benefits the children, the program and the families, and can help reduce monthly fees. As an incentive for parent participation at the Children's Center, a Parent Participation Discount is offered. (See Parent Handbook for details).