Student Government

ASI Student Government collaborates with campus and community groups in order to improve student life. Students interested in shaping the ultimate college experience are encouraged to get involved.


Student Government Leadership Team
2015 - 16 Leadership Team

Other Committees

In the light of shared governance, students serve on various other campuswide committees.

Parent Program Advising Committee

The Parent Program Advisory Council is a group of 24 parents, two students and a member of the Cal Poly faculty member who provide programming direction to Parent Program staff and advise the University's adminsitration on matters involving student development and success.

Parent Advisory Council members are Univeristy ambassadors, sharing their experiences and perspectives with others and fostering communication between and among parents and the University. Parent members serve a three-year term. Students and members of the faculty serve one-year terms.

Meetings are held three times annually on the Cal Poly campus and are open to all Cal Poly parents and supporters. Parents interested in membership are invited to observe a meeting. The application processes consists of a brief questionnaire and a telephone interview with the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Parent Advisory Council Chair or Vice Chair, and Parent Program staff.

To assist us in planning for your attendance at an upcoming meeting, please request an invitation from Parent Program staff.


Parent Program

Student Members:

Vacant 2014-2015

Student Advisory Board for Academic Advising


The Executive Council shall be responsible for, but not limited to:

       Advise the Assistant Vice Provost on appropriate models and planning strategically to improve student-centered academic advising at Cal Poly.

       Increase overall graduation rates while reducing graduation rate gaps among populations and colleges.

       Assess academic advising as a program of the University.

       Approve advising initiatives as they align with the mission, student learning outcomes and strategic plan for academic advising and for Cal Poly.

       Review and approve the communication processes for University Advising.

       Consider large scale, fundamental advising issues.

       Review academic policies that impact advising. Approve advising policies that affect all undergraduate students at Cal Poly.  Refer items to the next level of approval as appropriate.

       Communicate with Deans Council, Academic Senate, and other governing bodies as identified.

       Review the Assistant Vice Provost’s End of Year Report to the Provost and President.


The Executive Council is appointed by the President and reports to the Provost.The council will be chaired by the Assistant Vice Provost for University Advising.

The term of office shall be two years.There is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve.



Meetings will be scheduled monthly.

Student Members:

Vacant 2014-2015

Student Library Advisory Council


The Student Library Advisory Council is an organized body to represent the students’ needs, concerns, and ideas regarding the Robert E. Kennedy Library.

Student Library Advisory Council

Student Members:

Ryan Bitter (Secretary) 2014-2015
Andrew Bui 2014-2015
Aislyn Cole 2014-2015
Mariana Diaz 2014-2015
Rachael Donahue 2014-2015
Aja Frost 2014-2015
Alejandra Garcia 2014-2015
Alex Kost 2014-2015
Marcus Pereira 2014-2015
Juan Pablo Quinonez 2014-2015
Mike Shaw (Vice-Chair) 2014-2015
Kayla Slocum 2014-2015
Lauren Tang 2014-2015
Emily Wang 2014-2015
Lauren Young (Chair) 2014-2015

Student Orientation Advising and Resources Committee (SOAR)

Soar is a summer orientation program for all incoming students, parents and supporters. We have freshman sessions, a transfer session, an out-of-state session, and an international session! During Soar, you will receive the resources to prepare yourself to become a new member of the Mustang family an a successful Cal Poly student. You can look forward to being introduced to numerous campus and community resources, receiving helpful academic tips to ease your transition to your new campus, and familiarizing yourself with the Cal Poly and San Luis Obipso community.

Student Orientation Advising and Resources Committee (SOAR)

Student Members:

Emily Mallet 2014-2015