Leadership Fund

ASI established a Leadership endowment in honor of retired Cal Poly President Warren J. Baker. The ASI Leadership Fund will serve as an ongoing resource to support the development of student leaders across the Cal Poly campus. It is intended to provide opportunities in leadership and to foster and enhance the "Learn By Doing" philosophy embodied by all Cal Poly students.

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Leadership Fund

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For all questions regarding contributions to the ASI Leadership Fund, how to re-connect with ASI Student Government or to learn about upcoming events, please contact:

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The Story

On April 17, 2010, ASI Student Government held a special reception to honor President Warren J. Baker, his service to Cal Poly and his dedication to shared governance. The reception was also an opportunity for 30 years of past ASI leaders to return to campus and show their continued support for Cal Poly's longtime and beloved President. The event included personal tributes from student leaders who had the opportunity to work closely with President Baker and who valued the quality of education they received at Cal Poly. The reception also marked the occasion to announce the creation of the ASI Leadership Fund in honor of President Baker for his commitment to the learn-by-doing pedagogy and for providing students with an education that extends far beyond the classroom.

Following the reception, Dr. Baker stated that the best memories of his tenure were working with the students. He then thanked the members of Student Government for their tribute to him at the reception and declared that it was the most moving day ever spent at Cal Poly to hear students, past and present, express their appreciation for him.

Honor Roll

We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals and corporations for their generous contributions to the ASI Leadership Fund. Such generosity brings us one step closer to making a difference in the lives of our future Cal Poly leaders.

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