Craft Center

Create, relax and escape from your stresses in the ASI Craft Center, a unique environment offering seven well-equipped studios and classes in the following disciplines: ceramics, flameworking, surfboard shaping, skateboard deck construction, baseball bat making, woodworking, jewelry smithing and casting, stained glass and basic bike repair. Classes are taught by student instructors and are primarily targeted at beginners.

student making stained glass in the asi craft center
students shaping surfboards in asi craft center
student shaping a baseball bat on a wood lathe in the asi craft center
students throwing clap on the wheen in the asi craft center
hand made clay pots for the asi craft center craft sale


Take a Class

Learn how to cut, form and solder metal; cast jewelry and set stones. Classes offered in casting and smithing.

$70 students
$90 non-students

Buy a Pass

Quarter: $20 students; $30 non-students
Day: $2 students; $3 non-students

"It's a place to chill out and make things I can wear"

The Jewelry Studio is equipped with all the tools necessary for both casting and smithing. In the summer of 2011, the jewelry studio space was expanded by converting recycled bowling alley lanes into table tops. The result is a fresh looking facility with ample room to express your creativity. Class completion is required before permission to use the studio is granted, so register for a class during the first two weeks of each quarter to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Students making jewelry in the ASI Craft Center


How do I register?

Participants may register at ASI Connect or in person at the Craft Center. Registration begins the first week of every quarter.

Do I need my own tools?

No. The Craft Center has all the tools you need to complete your project.