Facility Reservations

Looking for a unique location for your group meeting or your organization’s event?

ASI has a lot to offer with a variety of facilities available to Cal Poly students, Cal Poly affiliated programs and Non-Cal Poly affiliated groups.

We have everything from small meeting rooms to large auditoriums and sports fields. Explore the options and amenities of ASI managed facilities and discover what works best for your needs.

Reserving A Space

  • Space Availability

    Space Availability

    Check space availability at Cal Poly Events

    If the space is available, continue to Step 2.

  • Facility Charges

    Facility Charges

    Download our Fee Rate Sheet for information about facility charges.

    If the facility charges are within your budget,
    continue to step 3.

  • Find Scheduling Entity

    Scheduling Entities

    Internal Student Groups

    If you are a current student or student group, such as a Club or ISO, please create an E-Plan
    Email ASI Event Scheduling & Management or call (805) 756-7587 for assistance.

    Internal Cal Poly Departments

    Visit University Scheduling and complete an Event Registration Form.
    Email University Scheduling or call (805) 756-5550 for assistance.

    External Users

    Visit Conference and Event Planning
    Contact Conference & Event Planning at (805) 756-7600 for assistance.

    Once you know your scheduling entity, continue to Step 4.

  • Reservation Request

    Reservation Request

    Each scheduling entity has a different process and timeframe. If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate organization listed in Step 3.

    If you have submitted your request, continue to Step 5.

  • Request Approval

    Complete Bylaws

    If you have successfully submitted all required information, your scheduling entity will send a response either approving or denying your request. Each entity has a different response time.

    If your request has been approved, continue to Step 6.

  • Event Needs & Details

    Event Needs & Details

    Now that your request has been approved, you will receive an email from ASI Event Scheduling & Management about your event needs and details. If you have a received the email with your final production schedule and room diagram, please continue to Step 7.

    Email ASI Event Scheduling & Management or contact:
    UU: (805) 756-1163 RC: (805) 756-2148 for assistance.

  • Estimated Charges

    Estimated Charges

    Once your event needs and details have been submitted, you will receive an estimate via email.

    Last Minute Changes

    Fees will be assessed for last minute changes. Staff and equipment changes must be submitted 3 business days prior to an event.


    Fees will also be assessed for no shows. Groups who fail to notify their scheduling entity of a cancellation 2 business days prior to an event, will be considered a "no show".

    Please contact: ASI Event Management – Billing (805) 756-6127 with any questions or concerns.

  • Event Occurrence

    Event Occurrence

    Please print out your final production schedule to reference before and during your event.

    Once your event has occurred, please continue to Step 9.

    Email ASI Event Scheduling & Management or contact:
    UU: (805) 756-1163 RC: (805) 756-2148 for assistance.

  • Post Event

    Post Event

    Thank you for choosing ASI Event Scheduling & Management to fulfill your needs for events in the University Union, Recreation Center and/or Sports Complex.

    We hope you had a wonderful time at your event. If you could please take a moment and fill out our Event Satisfaction Survey , we would greatly appreciate your feedback.

    Once your event has occurred, charges for your event will be processed. A final invoice can be expected the following month.


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Sports Complex







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University Union



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