Craft Center

Create, relax and escape from your stresses in the ASI Craft Center, a unique environment offering seven well-equipped studios and classes in the following disciplines: ceramics, flameworking, surfboard shaping, skateboard deck construction, baseball bat making, woodworking, jewelry smithing and casting, stained glass and basic bike repair. Classes are taught by student instructors and are primarily targeted at beginners.

student making stained glass in the asi craft center
students shaping surfboards in asi craft center
student shaping a baseball bat on a wood lathe in the asi craft center
students throwing clap on the wheen in the asi craft center
hand made clay pots for the asi craft center craft sale

Craft Center

Take a Class

Taking a Craft Center class allows students to explore their creative interests with guidance from experienced instructors. Classes are offered each quarter. Students with little or no experience are encouraged to start with a class.

Buy a Pass

A quarterly studio pass allows experienced Craft Center users open access to a specific studio area and the accompanying tools. Craft workers in need of little to no supervision are invited to purchase a studio pass for use of the Craft Center studios during their own free time. Passes are available for individual studios or multiple studio areas. Passes are non-refundable.


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ASI Craft Center
Phone: (805) 756-1266
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Monday - Wednesday 11am - 7pm
Thursday  10am - 6pm
Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 6pm

"Craft Classes let me escape from the stress of school."

Bi-Annual Craft Sale

Handmade crafts from the Spring Craft Sale
The Craft Center offers two multi-day craft sales during the school year that are hosted in the UU Plaza. The fall sale occurs in early November and the spring sale is scheduled the week before Mother's Day in May. The craft sales are perfect timing for holiday shopping and gift ideas for Mother's Day.

The talented craft sale vendors are a combination of students and non-student artists who exhibit their unique handmade crafts such as jewelry, pottery, clothing, photography, paintings and more. For those interested in participating at the craft sale, a Craft Sale Vendor application must be filled out and submitted to the Craft Center one week prior to the sale. To stay informed about upcoming craft sales sign up for our e-newsletter.

2015-2016 Craft Sale Dates:

November 2-4, 2015
May 2-4, 2016

For more information regarding sales and/or becoming a vendor, call the Craft Center student manager at 756-1119 or Email Craft Center.

Craft Sale
students browse handmade jewelry and other crafts at the asi craft sale

"I look forward to shopping at the Craft Sale every year."


Who can participate?

The Craft Center is funded through student fees paid to the University Union. All studios are specifically intended for students to enjoy at their leisure. That being said, staff and faculty are eligible to use the facilities as are members of the community. Since students are partially subsidizing the facility with fees, all customer costs are structured so that students pay the lowest amount for services and classes.

What classes are typically offered each quarter?

Ceramics, flameworking, baseball bat making, bike repair, surfboard shaping, skateboard deck building, jewelry making, and stained glass. *Note: These offerings are subject to change.

How do I register for a Craft Center class?

Participants may register for activities at ASI Connect or in person at the Craft Center. Registration opens during the last week of the quarter prior and remains open until classes start (typically the third week of the quarter.)

When are your craft sales?

Craft sales are coordinated twice a year, once before Thanksgiving and once before Mother's Day. Visit the ASI Craft Center on Facebook for specifics.

Who can be a craft sale vendor and how do you sign up?

The Craft Sale is an opportunity for both students and members of the community to sell their handmade crafts on campus. Applications to become a Craft Sale Vendor are available in the Craft Center and online. A variety of crafts are accepted.