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In support of the “Ultimate College Experience,” ASI Club Funding is available to currently chartered clubs. Funding is available to enhance the cultural, educational, social, and recreational opportunities for all Cal Poly students.


Applying clubs must be currently chartered Cal Poly clubs. Independent Student Organizations (ISOs), instructionally Related Activities (IRAs), College Club Councils, and Sport Clubs are not eligible to receive ASI Club Funding.

Terms of Funding

Clubs may apply for both ASI Club Sponsorship and ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship with a maximum combined allotment of $1,500 per club per fiscal year. For example, if your club receives $350 through ASI Club Sponsorship, your club can apply for an additional $1,150 through ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship (for a maximum allotment of $1,500).

ASI Club Sponsorship ($350)

ASI Club Sponsorship is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding supports the club's mission, programs/activities, and general operations. Approved clubs will receive $350 per fiscal year.

All ASI Club Sponsorship must be reconciled by the last day of the academic year (i.e. the Friday of spring quarter dead week). After that date, any remaining ASI Club Funding will be removed from the club's account.

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship ($1,500)

ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship is available on a first come, first served basis. ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship can fund up to 50 percent of the total eligible event(s) expenses not to exceed $1,500 per fiscal year.

A completed ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship application accompanied by an E-Plan must be submitted to ASI Club Services no later than 14 days prior to the event.

If a club is requesting ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship to fund more than one event, an ASI Club Event Co-Sponsorship application and an E-Plan must be completed and submitted for each event.

Sport Club Funding ($4,000)

Applying clubs must be currently chartered sport clubs that are recongized by the Sport Club Council. Approved sport clubs will receive up to $4,000 per fiscal year. Individual Sport Clubs will receive funding as determined by the Sport Club Council.

College Councils

ASI College Club Council Funding is available for currently chartered College Club Councils to enhance their image, promote their college to students within their college and encourage broad student involvement in college activities. ASI College Club Council Funding is to be used to create an opportunity for all students of the college to benefit from and, depending on the expenditure, to participate in.

Approved College Club Councils will receive up to $424.00 + $0.16 per student per college per year.