Student Government

ASI Student Government collaborates with campus and community groups in order to improve student life. Students interested in shaping the ultimate college experience are encouraged to get involved.


2013 - 14 Student Government

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the official voice of the students. These 24 student-elected representatives provide oversight in ASI corporate activity, in addition to advocating for students in a variety of other capacities in the campus community.

BOD Calendar

Board of Directors Meeting - 2013-14
Wednesday, April 30, 2014
Conference Room 220

Board of Directors Meeting - 2013-14
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Conference Room 220

Board of Directors Meeting - 2013-14
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Conference Room 220




Tatiana Prestininzi Agriculture Chair of the Board
Jordan Lippincott Science & Math Vice Chair
McGuire Gillan Agriculture Board Member
Brea Haller Agriculture Board Member
Lauren Mattick Agriculture Board Member
Jaymee McInerney Agriculture Board Member
Rebecca Scanlon Agriculture Board Member
Rachel Kramer Architecture Board Member
Emilie Morse Architecture Board Member
Connor Paquin Engineering Board Member
Michael Falcone Engineering Board Member
Sarah Griess Engineering Board Member
Cameron Javier Engineering Board Member
Myra Lukens Engineering Board Member
Hilary Poff Science & Math Board Member
Cale Reid Science & Math Board Member
Alexandra Spooner Science & Math Board Member
Joi Sullivan Liberal Arts Board Member
Hannah Brozek Liberal Arts Board Member
Kevin Colwell Liberal Arts Board Member
Hamzah Ramadan Liberal Arts Board Member
Emily Mallett Business Board Member
David Juarez Business Board Member
Rebecca Rogers Business Board Member
Kyle Williams Business Board Member
Dr. James LoCascio Faculty Repesentative
Dr. Keith Humphrey University President's Representative
Bonnie Murphy Cal Poly Corporation Representative
Marcy Maloney ASI Executive Director
Michelle Crawford Board Advisor