Get Involved: Apply to Join the University Union Advisory Board or ASI Executive Cabinet

By: Jenna Brown on May 01, 2019 in ASI Student Government

ASI elections have passed, but did you know you don’t have to run for office to get involved in ASI Student Government? There are open positions on the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) and ASI Executive Cabinet you can apply for at ASI Jobs.

University Union Advisory Board

UUAB members are an integral part of ASI and make policy recommendations to the university president and ASI executive director. The UUAB is comprised of one student member from each college including the chair, vice chair, one ASI Board of Directors representative, and the ASI president or designee. The UUAB works to maintain the integrity of the Student Body Center Fee which is associated with the operations and programs of ASI-managed facilities including the Julian A. McPhee University Union, Cal Poly Recreation Center, Cal Poly Sports Complex, and Doerr Family Field.

The UUAB is seeking student members from the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Applications close on Friday, May 3. Applicants will go through an interview process and will be chosen by the UUAB chair-elect.

ASI Executive Cabinet

The ASI Executive Cabinet is comprised of members appointed by the ASI president and chief of staff who work with Executive Staff volunteers, Cal Poly students, ASI staff, and community members to carry out the president’s goals.

Members are responsible for their respective subcommittees, and positions include but are not limited to: legislative, sustainability, community relations, diversity and inclusion, university relations, health and wellbeing, and outreach. Final positions will be determined by the newly elected ASI president. Executive Cabinet applications close on Friday, May 10.

ASI Chief of Staff

The chief of staff is appointed by the ASI president and works to implement their goals with the assistance of the Executive Cabinet. The chief of staff has direct oversight of the Executive Cabinet and Student Government operations under the general oversight of the president. Applications close on Friday, May 3.

For more information and to apply, visit ASI Jobs.

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