Tap Into Your Campus Home: Virtually Tour the Recreation Center, University Union, and More

By: Claire Blachowski on Apr 11, 2019 in Campus News

Choose your destination, tap into your campus home, and step into a virtual tour of the Cal Poly Recreation Center, Julian A. McPhee University Union, and more!

Whether you’re visiting campus for the first time or looking for new ways to #BuildYourBucketList this quarter, ASI’s virtual facility tours, available now on the free Cal Poly Now app, offer new ways to play, gather, relax, and experience life outside of the classroom.  

With the new virtual tours, you get exclusive access to the Recreation Center, University Union, Cal Poly Sports Complex, and Doerr Family Field facilities, anywhere, anytime.   

Explore Life Outside of the Classroom

It’s fast. The ASI guide is a simple and convenient mobile platform, enabling you to control the tour by choosing your destination or exploring a specific area of campus life. 

It’s accessible. Self-guided, virtual tours of our student-managed facilities offer an accessible tour experience with written text, photo, and audio guidance.

It’s time-efficient. Aren’t able to visit campus? Don’t worry. You’ll still get a firsthand, up-to-date glimpse of hundreds of program offerings, including classes, events, trips, workshops, and amenities.

“I like the concept of the app-driven tour and how it can make tours more convenient and less of a rigid structure for those visiting,” Shane Ho, recreation, parks and tourism administration junior, said. 

Get to Know Your Campus Home

The journey doesn’t end there. From ASI Events and ASI Poly Escapes to fitness and personal training, explore hundreds of programs, events, and opportunities to connect to your ultimate college experience.

About the ASI Guide

The Associated Students, Inc. interactive guide is available on the Cal Poly Now mobile app, the official app of Cal Poly Student Affairs. The free app connects students and community members to updates and information on their favorite programs or activities and invites students to build their bucket list with ASI. 

The ASI guide lets you explore life outside of the classroom and quickly find answers to frequently asked questions, hours of operation, or links to register for classes. Get up-to-the-minute events and entertainment reminders, search job opportunities, or check the Leisure Pool hours, all in the palm of your hand!

Stay connected to all on-campus activities by following the Cal Poly ASI InstagramCal Poly ASI Facebook, and Cal Poly ASI Snapchat.

Tap into your new home. Experience a virtual tour anywhere, anytime, over an image of the Recreation Center Lap Pool


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