ASI Student Staff Spotlight: Meet Kyle Friedman

By: Jenna Brown on Aug 09, 2018 in ASI Staff Spotlights

Name: Kyle Friedman
Position: ASI Intramural Sports Student Manager
Major: Ethnic Studies
Minor: Entrepreneurship
School year: Fifth
Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA

1) What makes you happy?
After critically thinking about the various things in life that make me happy, I believe I have come to a conclusion. While I could say things like basketball, travel, sleep, and my bed, I would be putting myself in a situation of generality in the sense that I know these items would make most individuals on some level fairly happy. For me, what makes me really happy is the crisp taste of a soda that gives me the sensation of pleasure as well as the feeling of naughtiness that gives you an underlying guilt that makes it so exciting. 

2) What’s something most people don’t know about you? 
I’m not sorry for only loving my bed and my momma.

3) Share your favorite memory working for ASI.
When I received my first ASI signature green polo and it changed my life. Spring break forever.

4) What’s the best place you’ve traveled to and why? 
I’d have to say either Italy or Peru. I would lean towards Italy just because Italian food. That needs no further explanation.

5) Where's your favorite spot in SLO?
Roll’d Ice Cream. I’ve never had it or even gone inside because it’s always a two-hour wait, but the idea is cool so that’s something. 

6) If you could create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
Slightly above average at most things.

7) What’s on your bucket list?
Seeing the aurora borealis and never seeing a shark in the ocean.

8) What are you most passionate about?
I would say work. Taking pride in work gives you a feeling of reward that you’re making a difference. The paycheck when it’s all said and done also is a tangible reward that makes it that much better. 

9) What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?
Landing a job with a company where I can get behind their message and product and really feel like I am a part of the community. 

10) What advice would you give to students interested in working for ASI?
The support system in this company is unlike any most people will ever work for. Everyone around you is passionate and adamant on helping you develop in a work and personal setting. ASI dedicates itself to making sure you are getting the most out of any job you are in and being able to apply learned skills to other life settings. Based on these sentiments, yes, you should do it.
Kyle Friedman wears a blue striped shirt and smiles while in front of a tree


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