ASI Student Government Spotlight: Meet Aliza Herzberg

By: Jenna Brown on Aug 01, 2018 in ASI Staff Spotlights

Name: Aliza Herzberg
Position: ASI Board of Directors — College of Liberal Arts
Major: Anthropology and Geography, Concentration in International Development
Minor: City and Regional Planning
School year: Fourth
Hometown: San Carlos, CA

1) What’s your favorite summer activity?
Traveling! I've spent almost every summer going to new countries and spending time immersing myself in the culture there. 

2) What’s something most people don’t know about you? 
I've been a vegetarian my entire life!

3) Share your favorite ASI Student Government memory.
This will be my first year involved in ASI, but my favorite memory was probably standing in the UU Plaza with my friends when they announced the elected Board of Directors.

4) If you could create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
My goal is to build a life I don't need a vacation from.

5) What’s the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
This is such a hard question! I spent last summer living in Tel Aviv, Israel and had the most incredible time. I fell in love with the culture, food, and landscape. Israel also has a special place in my heart because I am Jewish. I also studied abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand last fall. Thailand is a breathtaking country and I was constantly surrounded by incredibly humble and kind people. I would have to say these two places both have meaning for me in different ways, and I would go back to either in a heartbeat! 

6) If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you bring with you?
Seeds to grow vegetables, a knife, and duct tape! 

7) What’s on your bucket list?
Become fluent in another language! 

8) What are you most passionate about?
I’m really passionate about sustainable food and food systems. I’m a total foodie — I have been a vegetarian my entire life and I try to make a conscious effort to buy local, healthy, and organic foods. I also have my own garden at my house in San Luis Obispo. I love to cook with and for other people and share my passion for food. 

9) What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?
I hope to eventually go on to graduate school and maybe even get my PhD. I love to learn and I think continuing my education is a great way to do that. I also hope to have the opportunity to continue traveling internationally and getting diverse experiences with people from all over the world. I hope to be able to eventually become a professor at a university!

10) What advice would you give to students interested in joining ASI Student Government?
Do it! I took a huge risk by running for the Board of Directors, and I’m so glad that I did. ASI is a great opportunity to meet other leaders and make a positive impact on our campus.
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