ASI Student Staff Spotlight: Meet Elizabeth Bradshaw

By: Jenna Brown on Jul 26, 2018 in ASI Staff Spotlights

Name: Elizabeth Bradshaw
Position: The Pro Shop Student Manager
Major: Graphic Communications — Management Concentration
School year: Fourth
Hometown: Austin, Texas

1) What makes you happy?
Meeting new people and spending time with friends brings me a lot of happiness, which is part of why I love working at the Recreation Center. I meet new people every day whether it’s participants or a new staff member, yet I’m also working with fellow students I’ve known since my freshman year.

2) What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I went to summer camp for 12 years every summer for a month! I learned archery, horseback riding, and some awesome canoe skills, along with making friends from all over the country. Being a summer camp counselor for the last few years was one of my favorite jobs!

3) Share your favorite memory working for ASI.
Every day I’ve worked for ASI has been awesome, but a fond memory of mine was when fellow staff members and I worked the set-up shift for Spring Stampede. Although there was some heavy lifting involved, I had so much fun spending time with my friends, getting to be outside, and getting to see the background of a large-scale event like that.

4) What’s the best place you’ve traveled to and why?
Sedona, Arizona! I loved the calm energy the entire area had to it and the landscape was incredible (highly recommend looking it up). Perfect road trip stop!

5) Where's your favorite spot in SLO?
I love exploring around the Montana de Oro dunes and tide pools! The dunes are so fun to relax on or get active on, and the tide pools are so interesting to walk around (carefully) and see all of the cool marine life that exists there.

6) If you could create a slogan for your life, what would it be?
“Remember your impact.” I’m always concerned with how I affect other people’s lives and always try to be aware of whether that leaves a positive or negative impact. My goal is always to make a good impression and keep up with people so they know I care about them and what’s going on in their life.

7) What’s on your bucket list?
Hike Madonna — I have yet to do that, even coming into my fourth year at Cal Poly!

8) What are you most passionate about?
I love my major! Graphic communications has taught me so much from both the print/digital media side and the business side. I’m so excited to start searching for jobs in my field and to start applying my knowledge!

9) What do you hope to achieve after you graduate?
Landing a full-time job in a different city! I’m so excited to explore both my career options and living options.

10) What advice would you give to students interested in working for ASI?
Take any job you can get within ASI — even if it’s something you may not have necessarily seen yourself doing. It’s a good way to get your foot in the door, as ASI employees tend to move to different jobs within ASI during some time of their employment. Just always be on the lookout on Handshake/Mustang Jobs, or befriend people who know when the different staff areas are hiring!
Elizabeth Bradshaw stands in front of a green tree wearing a purple shirt and smiles


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