Flex Your Right by Registering to Vote in the California Primary

By: Jasmin Fashami, Edited by Jenna Brown on May 09, 2018 in ASI Student Government

The Flex Your Right campaign, an initiative created and run by ASI Student Government, has continued to engage the Cal Poly student body to encourage all students to register to vote. With the California primary election rapidly approaching on June 5, the campaign encourages students to register by May 21 to ensure that the student voice is heard this election cycle.

“In light of key issues being presented in the primary election, including the gubernatorial and local official candidacies, it is critical that students are active participants at every governmental level,” Jasmin Fashami, secretary of student advocacy on the ASI Executive Cabinet, said. “Additionally, considering that students make up over 40 percent of the San Luis Obispo population, the student voice is incredibly influential within local government in addition to student's participation at the statewide level.”

Student Government began using the website TurboVote.org in 2014 as a fast and convenient way to register student voters. During fall 2016, 2,506 students completed the TurboVote process to register to vote. Cal Poly ranked seventh nationally out of all TurboVote campuses. For the entire 2016 calendar year, 3,838 students completed the TuboVote process, and the university placed fourth among TurboVote’s 176 colleges/university partners and signed up more than 18 percent of the entire student population. As of spring quarter 2018, Cal Poly is currently ranked first in California in the number of registered student voters.

“It is vital that students engage not only in national and state issues but are also passionate about participating in local matters which affect our campus the most,” Fashami said. “The student voice is incredibly strong, and voting is the best way to stand together as a powerful and united community.”

Student Government will continue reaching out to engage more students in the registration process. A registration booth will be set up on Thursday, May 10 and 17 from 10 a.m. to noon in front of the Robert E. Kennedy Library. Free food and giveaway items will be provided for students. Stop by and register to vote or visit calpoly.turbovote.org prior to California's May 21 deadline!

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