UUAB update: 5 recommendations all students should read

By: Haley Stegall, edited by Jenna Brown on May 15, 2017 in ASI Student Government

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What do printers, charging tables, and feminine hygiene products all have in common? They are all key policy recommendations that University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) members are working to implement.

UUAB is an integral part of Cal Poly’s campus making policy recommendations to Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong and ASI Executive Director Marcy Maloney. UUAB works to maintain the integrity of the University Union student body fee which students pay quarterly in their tuition. The UU fee is associated with the operations and programs of ASI managed facilities including the University Union, Cal Poly Recreation Center, and Cal Poly Sports Complex.

UUAB is comprised of one student member from each academic college, one ASI Board of Directors representative, and one designee of the ASI President. The UUAB Chair serves as the Chief Financial Officer on the ASI Officer Team.

Your current UUAB representatives have composed and approved a number of recommendations this academic year to enhance your student experience in ASI’s facilities. A few key recommendations are outlined below:

Recommendation for Improved Comment Box Kiosks

Authors: Kate Granlund, Madison Albiani, Kyle Ennis, and Matthew Lem

UUAB will work collaboratively with ASI staff to identify more technologically advanced comment kiosks, including a tablet, stand, and software, in the University Union and Recreation Center. College of Engineering representative and co-author Kyle Ennis said, “We want to empower students with a more convenient way to give feedback on the facilities their student fees manage.” These electronic comment boxes will serve as students’ mouth piece to UUAB and ASI staff, so they can take action and make decisions based on the student voice. “It is important because it is no secret that the UU Referendum did not pass, so we want to continue to receive student feedback to make improvements to our UU and fill gaps without a referendum,” said Kate Granlund, Vice Chair of UUAB and co-author of the recommendation.

Recommendation to Improve Printing Options in the University Union

Authors: Natalie Montoya and Kate Granlund

The Assistant Director of Facility Operations for the University Union will research the fiscal impacts and feasibility of purchasing better printers for the University Union. UUAB members recognized the need for improved printing options in the UU through the consistent line pile up during high traffic hours and the recurring out of order sign displayed when printers break down or overheat. College of Architecture and Environmental Design representative and co-author Natalie Montoya said, “We want students to know that we are receptive to their needs, and we want to fix this problem.” Granlund added, “We want to make printing the easiest part of doing your homework, not the most stressful.”

Recommendation for Recreation Center Educational Video

Author: Donna Seo

UUAB will work collaboratively with the Recreation Center’s Assistant Director, Nancy Clark, to develop and create a Recreation Center 101 video. The informational video will teach new and current students how to use the Recreation Center, including how to use the hand scan, reserve group exercise classes, check items out from the Pro Shop, and use basic exercise equipment. “A lot of students use the Recreation Center, but do not know all of the services the facility has to offer them,” said Donna Seo College of Science and Mathematics representative and author of the recommendation. This video will highlight the unique amenities that the Recreation Center has to offer and will provide a guided tour of the entire facility.

Recommendation for University Union Charging Standing Tables

Authors: Jun Bang and Natalie Montoya

UUAB and the Assistant Director of Facility Operations for the University Union will work collaboratively to research charging standing tables suitable for the University Union. UUAB is well aware that there is a lack of outlets in the University Union, and by implementing this project we could maximize the supply of outlets for students to use. Additionally, because modern workplaces feature standing tables, Orfalea College of Business representative and co-author Jun Bang “wants to bring this design to our union to create a space where students can share and collaborate.”

Recommendation for Feminine Hygiene Products in ASI Facilities

Authors: Natalie Montoya, Hannah Poplack, and Hayley Ford

UUAB and the Assistant Directors of Facility Operations for the University Union and the Recreation Center will collaboratively research how to provide free feminine hygiene products in ASI facility restrooms. The Assistant Directors of Facility Operations will report back to UUAB at the beginning and end of fall quarter 2017 to give an update on the project, and UUAB will revisit this project annually to determine the feasibility of and long-term success of the program. Co-author Natalie Montoya said, “Providing tampons and pads in restrooms will support the health and success of all menstruating individuals. Over 74% of students who menstruate and participated in a student survey said they have had to leave an academic activity due to menstruating. I hope that this program will decrease this statistic and increase the potential for success for our menstruating students.”

If you are passionate about improving our facilities for students, voice your concern to the UUAB during open forum every Thursday at 2:10 p.m. in UU219. View the complete list of recommendations on the UUAB recommendations tab on the UUAB webpage.

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