Student Government

ASI Student Government collaborates with campus and community groups in order to improve student life. Students interested in shaping the ultimate college experience are encouraged to get involved.


Student Government Leadership Team
2015 - 16 Leadership Team

Academic Senate Committees

The Academic Senate is the faculty governing body of the University, representing approximately 1,000 faculty members. The Academic Senate is constituted to formulate and evaluate policy and procedures on academic, fiscal and personnel matters. The work of the Senate is accomplished through its several committees (comprised of approximately 150 faculty, members of administration, and students).

Academic Senate

Student Members:

Nicole Billington 2014-2015
Joi Sullivan 2014-2015

Budget and Long Range Planning Committee

Student Members:

Jacob Rogers 2014-2015

Curriculum Committee

Student Members:

Jake Odello 2014-2015

Distinguished Scholarship Awards Committee

Student Members:

Brianna Butterfield 2014-2015
Christopher Lopez 2014-2015

Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee

Student Members:

Gabrielle Bragolo 2014-2015
Sevelyn Van Ronk 2014-2015

Faculty Affairs Committee

Student Members:

Vittorio Monteverdi 2014-2015

Fairness Board

Student Members:

Amy Cornell 2014-2015
Jeffrey Thomson 2014-2015

General Education Governance Board

Student Members:

Camille Lethcoe 2014-2015

Grants Review Committee

Student Members:

*Vacant 2014-2015

Instruction Committee

Student Members:

Jana Colombini 2014-2015

Research and Professional Development Committee

Student Members:

Mallika Potter 2014-2015

Sustainability Committee

Student Members:

Lexie Bonestroo 2014-2015
Lauren Cool 2014-2015